Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The IBWAA Makes Me Proud to be a Member

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America conducts a Hall of Fame vote just like the Baseball Writers Association of America does. For the most part the consensus is the same with a few key differences, those differences being that Mike Piazza (2013) and Craig Biggio (2014) were elected by the IBWAA before the BBWAA elected them and Barry Larkin was not elected to the IBWAA as of 2015 when he was a member in the BBWAA. Also the IBWAA voted to bump up the number of selections from 10 to 15, which I think will help with the logjam of deserving players.  I have always felt a little bit of prestige and such being a member of the IBWAA but when I opened my email and saw our Hall of Fame tallies it really made me proud to be a member.

For the year 2015 the IBWAA selected five to join the Hall including Randy Johnson (98.24%), Pedro Martinez (95.15%), John Smoltz (82.82%), Jeff Bagwell (81.94%) and Tim Raines (79.30%). Curt Schilling was the first runner up in the vote garnering 65.64% followed by notable players including Roger Clemens (64.76% up from 56.64% in 2014) and Barry Bonds (63.44% up from 57.52% in 2014). 


  1. I like you guys ballot. A lot of deserving guys that need to be in that can't. Can't believe Delgado is off the ballot in the first year and some of these other guys are still hanging around, something is wrong. Look at delgado's numbers I'm not saying he's a lock HoF'er but he is definitely worth further consideration. Can't wait for Jeff Bagwell to get in, met him as a kid when he was a New Britain Red Sock signed a glove for me and a fellow CT native. Also I love how the sox traded this guy for a bum they had for 2 months. Also Tim "Rock" Raines should hopefully get in next year. While we didn't have him in his prime I still remember him being a pretty clutch role player for us even if it was just drawing a walk to get on base when needed I always had a good feeling when he came to the plate in a key situation, not a stat geek so idk what the numbers are for those situations I just remember how he always seemed to get something done.

    1. Also Raines nickname gotta wonder where "Rock" came from since he was using cocaine during games lol. I don't hold that against him there are plenty of substance a users in the HoF already. And I'm not against certain steroid guys getting in. People can tell the difference between guys who could only do what they were doing cus of the roads like Bret Boone or Luis Gonzales and guys who were great players and gave way to the pressure of keeping up or are so competitive that they couldn't deal with other people getting an edge over them like Bonds or Clemens. You can't have a HoF w/out these guys. P.S. Let Pete Rose in before he's dead

  2. You have to think in the game of baseball that cocaine would hurt more than it would help, no? I'm really asking as I've never done it. It gets you hyped up I'm sure but has to affect your concentration and such.

    Welcome aboard joseph. Anyone who wants Pete Rose in the Hall is OK in my book.


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