Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Betances: Yankees will welcome back A-Rod in 2015

Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez probably isn't the most popular guy in the clubhouse after his recent steroid scandal, but the veteran is nonetheless being welcomed back by one of his teammates. 

"I'm looking forward to playing with A-Rod again," Yankees reliever Dellin Betances said Tuesday, via The New York Daily News.

Betances played with Rodriguez briefly in 2011 and 2013, short periods during which the two likely didn't bond much. Betances didn't spend a full season in the majors until last year, when Rodriguez was suspended.

But Rodriguez does have a notable amount of big-league experience, possibly the reason Betances is viewing his return so positively.

"We welcome him back with open arms," Betances said. "We just want everybody to contribute and help us get back to the playoffs."

Rodriguez, who hasn't appeared in a game for New York since September 2013, is expected to be the Yankees' starting DH this season, presumably hitting near the bottom of the order.

The majority opinion seems to be he will also compete for the third base job in spring training, though after the re-signing of Chase Headley, chances are he's not the favorite for it. Headley's new contract is worth four years and $50 million, a rather large sum for a backup. 

Still, Betances is excited to work with him again, and doesn't think Rodriguez will be a distraction come Opening Day.

"He's a great guy," Betances said. "I can only speak for myself, but I'm defintely looking forward to seeing him play and helping us win."


  1. ALEX RODRIQUEZ.....has so many haters. And, he has earned them.
    But, he also has a larger following that hopes for the best. Me, being one.

    The hip thing is old. Two years old. He went to a doctor, not some back alley quack.
    He could be the best hitter on this 2015 team. He is a natural born hitter.
    He is our funky son, unless you want to pay out $ 61 MM, to make him go away.

    Think about it....Pay Alex off, and teams like Boston will pounce on him.

    1. I am also one of the few remaining Alex Rodriguez fans left on Earth. Or is this purgatory?

      Also Adam Warren's value, and velocity, is better suited for the pen. If the team didn't have young and fresh arms in Chase Whitley and Bryan Mitchell I would be all over it but we do, so I'm not.

      The team may wait it out to get that quality pitcher. Honestly it may be too late by then but I don't have my crystal ball. I can't see them getting anyone else (pitching wise) of any significance before the start of the season.

  2. ADAM WARREN.....If no ' Big name Shields '....can he emerge as a true starter ?
    There are options here, but not when it comes to Moncada.

    Moncada, and a quality pitcher, makes the Yankees a contender.

  3. I won't bash Arod anymore. You all know my opinion about him by now. I would like another starter though. Not Shields. I want the 2 first round picks we have more than I want Shields. It wouldn't even have to be an ace type guy. Just a solid middle of the rotation type. How about taking a flyer on somebody like Lincecum? He might be a change of scenery type guy that the Giants would be willing to give away.

    1. You can bash ARod all you want, that's your God given right. I'd want Lincecum more for the bullpen then the rotation, although I have never been a big fan of his.


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