Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ICYMI: Jorge Mateo 4th Best Prospect in GCL

The New York Yankees have two players in the GCL Top 20 prospects list from Baseball America and they are shortstop Jorge Mateo and shortstop Angel Aguilar. Mateo was ranked as the fourth best prospect in the GCL while Aguilar was ranked 15th. Both players were in their age 19 season in 2014.

Mateo hit .276/.354/.397 with 11 steals and Aguilar hit .331/.373/.536 with seven home runs.


  1. Both of these guys are on my list of players to watch. Both of them has something to add to the team, I give the check to Mateo as a bit the better all around SS of the two.

    1. Mateo is far and away the better player of the two but I hear good things about Aguilar as well. We may be pretty stacked pretty soon on the farm.

    2. From your lips to the baseball god's ear!

    3. Mateo has better tools but, sometimes they can work against one by taking those tools for granted and think they will always be there.
      What I have read of him, tells me this will not happen to him...he works.
      Untill they move up in the chain, I will still go with either one of them. The game has just begun, many more games to see who comes out on top. But Mateo has the more upside and tools, as they say!
      I say, "Not by much"!


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