Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brian Cashman Says Retire the Captaincy

Brian Cashman told reporters earlier in the week that he thinks the job and honor of being the captain of the New York Yankees should be retired with Derek Jeter. This was probably just Cashman being politically correct and holding up Jeter a little higher than he should have been much like the country and the league did during his farewell tour last season but this is still a reach if I have ever seen one. Granted this is not Cashman’s decision to make and is ownership driven but still it begs the question, what has Jeter done that Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Don Mattingly, and others haven’t done that the captaincy needs to be retired?

I love Jeter and I have multiple #2 jerseys hanging on the wall of my man cave but Jeter is no Gehrig. Jeter wasn’t even a Joe DiMaggio or a Mickey Mantle let alone a Babe Ruth (on the field). Jeter is just a guy that came to the ballpark and did his job the right way and very well. He should be held up higher than some for the accomplishments that he has been a part of but retiring the captaincy is a whole new level.

Think before you speak Mr. Cashman, you’re not working for the New York Post. 

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