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Introducing BetaBall: Part Four

Three programs for BetaBall coaches and teams:

1.    Coaching Ambidexterity: I strongly encourage all BetaBall coaches to teach all their players to become ambidextrous so that their back, shoulder, forearm, leg, and foot muscles develop in symmetry. This is an attempt to avoid back, joint, and muscle problems later in life. Two examples are Tiger Woods in golf and Rafael Nadal in tennis. 
Only one out of one hundred people are naturally and fully ambidextrous. Most of us are naturally ambidextrous in juggling, swimming, typing, keyboard music, texting, touch screens, buttoning, pouring, paintball, boxing, and martial artsHere are some benefits to being ambidexterity in sports:

            BetaBall and Cricket:          Throwing, catching, and hitting.
            Football:                                 Passing, punting, hand-off, place kicking.
Basketball:                            Layups, field shots, free throws.
            Tennis:                                   Running forehand on both sides
                                                            Returning center line serves.
            Squash                                  Replacing difficult back hand returns.
            Bowling:                                Symmetrical arm and leg development.
            Curling:                                  Left and right in turns and out turns.

Strengthen the non-dominant arm. Lift weights with your opposite hand to help strengthen the muscles. Start with light weights and as you get stronger, use heavier and heavier ones.  Start by brushing your teeth, cooking and eating utensils, comb your hair, paint or trim your nails, soap in the shower, shaving, signing your name, drawing, using home tools.

2.   Coaching Diet, Eating habits, and Nutrition.

Coaches may request a plan to teach good diet and eating habits to all players.  Your players will become role models in their schools, colleges, and communities.  The fundamentals are:

1.    Food: 1 bite per 1 minute. Slow to let mouth bacteria work.
2.    Equal volume of water before each cola, beer, or juice.
3.    Eat all snacks with chop sticks. Left handed for Asians.
4.    No “screens”, and no texting while eating.
5.    No cardboard, foil, plastic or paper wrappers. Plates.
6.    Eat in a respectful environment and with tableware.
7.    Develop a deep respect for food and your body.

I recommend serving lentil soup, pot roast, or roasted vegetables plus nano-fizz water after each practise and game. Replace the custom of the whole team heading to a fast food joint after practise or a game to load up on sugar, fat, breaded flour, and salt.
This program is based on my pamphlet titled “The 10,000 Meal Diet” currently in English and Chinese.

3.   Measuring the Benefits of BetaBall:

Each team paying a BetaBall royalty for the 2015 season will be offered 20 heart monitor wrist bracelets on loan free for 1 week. The wrist bracelets measure distance, heart rate, calories spent, and hopefully blood pressure over a 2 hour time period for each player. Coaches will organize an intra-mural standard Baseball game on day one; followed by game of BetaBall on day two.  Compare the readings for each player; and return the bracelets.

BetaBall videos now on You Tube and sport video sites.
BetaBall was created by Denis Braun.     (soon to be formed)
BetaBall Supply Depot in the USA, Canada, Zhongshan, and Zurich.

Left:    A traditional baseball field with an infield that is part grass and part turf. Bases are 90 feet apart in a square box shape. Foul lines extend at a 90 degree vector from home plate. Distances to the outfield wall differ from stadium to stadium.

Right: A new BetaBall field with an infield that is part grass and part turf. Bases are 28 meters apart in a slight diamond shape. Foul lines extend from home plate. Distances to the outfield wall be standardized eventually at approximately 100 meters to the right field and left field corners (foul poles) and 120 meters to the center field wall.

A painted arc in the outfield defines the area that outfielders can catch and throw balls during a DPP.

The invisible pathway in the infield is a running swath unique to each player and defines the 3.5 meter wide swath inside which the DPP in progress can be voided if the runner can touch the ball or touch any defensive player.

Home Plate and Batters Boxes

Left:                Home plate in traditional baseball. 17” wide and 8.5” sides.

Center:           BetaBall home plate expansion. 18-19” wide and 17” sides. The front “square” is layered and hinged on the front side so the top layer can be opened 180 degrees like a toilet seat to extend the plate to + 34”.   The catcher touches the top of the plate and the runner touches the bottom of the plate.

Right:             BetaBall home plate during DPP. The top layer of the plate is flipped over by the home umpire when a DPP initiates. 

BetaBall Sevens:  7770.  7 players, 7 innings in a 70 degree vector field.

Left:  A 70 degree vector field for 7 players.( 2 outfielders. 3 infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher).  7 innings. 2 strike strikeouts. 3 balls to walk.

Right: A 3 field BetaBall Sevens complex. Center core double octagon for restaurants, utilities, washrooms, press box, studios, and sponsor suites.  From Megazebo.ccm  (concept)

Stands and spectator seating along the foul lines of each field; and adjoining bleachers beyond the outfield walls allow fan movement around the outer circumference of the complex. Two level corporate suites will top each spectator stands. Up to 200 suites in the complex. 40,000 spectator seats.

Note #1:  Some measurements may be in metric; others in English measure. Our primary target market is Asia, India, and Europe where baseball is declining or in its infancy.

Note #2:  All players and teams who register with BetaBall will receive the following:

1.    An opportunity to borrow 20 medical and heart monitor wrist bracelets for 1 week to evaluate the conditioning benefits of BetaBall.

2.    A  pamphlet on diet and eating habits called the “10,000 Meal Diet”

3.    A core curriculum that we feel is essential to all BetaBall players and athletes seeking higher education or employment in a foreign country.  This study highlights the 5 most important relationships (pillars) that need to be understood in the international world.

The 5 Pillars of BetaBall’s education philosophy.

1.    Space plan.  The full metric system and the relationship between distance, volume, and mass.

2.    Health plan.  The relationship between food, health, and  productivity.
3.    Priority environments. a) your body. b) your home or apartment; and c) the 100mile radius around your home or school.

4.    Economic plan. The relationship between work, discipline, and reward.  This is Asian education philosophy 101.

5.    Civility Plan. The relationship between respect, war, and revenge.  ………….  the consequences of dis-respect.

4.    Free tuition to Sam McGee University when it opens on line in 2017. This School of Communications is for senior students seeking employment or further education abroad. 12 optional languages, text, voice, and facial recognition, sign language, dress, dinner table, signature communication, and VOP Vow of Poverty.

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