Saturday, March 7, 2015

Former Yankees Update: Cory Black

Corey Black was originally drafted by the New York Yankees back in the class of 2012 and was ultimately traded to the Chicago Cubs in the Alfonso Soriano deal. During his tenure in New York he and his mother were very friendly to us, and all their fans, on twitter and were gracious enough to do an interview for us SEEN HERE. Well today we bring you a bit of an update on Mr. Black after an unfortunate incident happened later in the week.

We all heard the story and got the notification on our phones from the MLB At Bat app that Hunter Pence would miss up to eight weeks with a broken arm. Corey Black was the pitcher that threw the inside fastball that connected with Pence’s arm and delayed the start of his season for the Giants.

Black was noticeably upset when interviewed about it and said “it sucks. You don’t want to hit people first of all. Hurting someone on top of that is even worse. It’s a bad feeling” when being interviewed for television. You could really see that Black meant his words and I feel awful for the guy. If you are reading this Corey you have got to shrug it off. It’s a part of the game, an unfortunate part of the game, and anyone who knows you knows there isn’t a malicious bone in your body. Keep your head up kid and get ‘em next time. 

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