Friday, April 17, 2015

The Jose Peraza Rant You All Knew Was Coming

Jose Peraza for Gary Sanchez and probably others while you have Robert Refsnyder and Jose Pirela rotting in the minor leagues and Didi Gregorius signed for his pre-arbitration years? Brian Cashman what in the hell are you thinking? Yeah, I cut right to the chase on this one because this one I am taking pretty personally for some reason. I cannot come up with a Devil’s Advocate type scenario where this trade makes any sort of sense for the Yankees. Gary Sanchez has reportedly looked great in the minor leagues this season after a strong spring and you’re wanting to trade away more of the Yankees catching depth. I especially have a problem with it when it is some of our upper end catching depth and I especially have a problem with it when it completely blocks Refsnyder from advancing to the major leagues. Peraza is a shortstop playing second base in the Braves system so the team could be acquiring him to play there but then why did the team trade Shane Greene for nine games worth of Gregorius?

Peraza may be better than Refsnyder defensively and may be better with the bat, honestly we won’t know until both are given a shot to succeed in the major leagues, but Refsnyder is far from a scrub himself. You’re not comparing Refsnyder to Peraza anymore you’re comparing Refsnyder, Gary Sanchez and whoever this moron decides to trade with him to Peraza. Peraza, a 22 year old second base prospect in Triple-A. The Yankees no longer trading for established veterans and blocking our prospects they are now acquiring prospects to block their prospects just for the sake of having prospects. Prospects you will never call up to the major leagues because there will always be that bounce back type veteran that the team can try and get every last drop out of before he sails off into the sunset that is retirement.

This deal makes absolutely zero sense and you’re not going to convince me otherwise. If you acquire Peraza and flip him or Refsnyder for someone else you’re probably giving up too much when you factor in what you had to give up to acquire Peraza. If you hold on to them all you’re stunting development and wasting option years and years of team control just to have a little bit of depth. If you make this trade Mr. Cashman, I’m sorry, I really think I have to start questioning myself and my fandom to this team. Let me be frank, I love this team with all my heart and everything inside of me, but you are ruining my childhood and ruining MY team with every one of these boneheaded ignorant trades and I’m sick of it and I’m sick of defending you.

You block Refsnyder or if you acquire Peraza I’m done. We’re breaking up. You gave up a good starting pitcher in Greene to get Didi and you already seem like you’re giving up on him. I don’t get it, and I won’t stand by and watch it happen. Keep that in mind before you pull that trigger. 

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