Saturday, May 9, 2015

Have You FORG1V3N?

Friday afternoon I asked our Twitter followers if based on the first month of the 2015 season they have been able to forgive Alex Rodriguez for his past transgressions. Alex has burned many bridges and has lost many friends along the way but it’s hard to argue that he finally gets it now, has finally matured and is willing to do whatever he can to not only help the team win but to win back some hearts and minds from his fans, former and current, in New York. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to see the error in your ways and to see what it is your doing and I don’t think anyone can argue that Alex has done just that this season. The Alex you see now is a shell of his former self and a humbled individual, no longer the Centaur and no longer the pre-Madonna.

This was the focus of my latest Twitter poll, have you forgiven Alex Rodriguez? The responses were the mixed bag that I expected it to be but they tone was generally what I conveyed above, help us win and win our hearts (at least temporarily). 

To be involved in our next Twitter poll for the blog be sure to jump on Twitter and give @GreedyStripes a follow. I will always let you know that I plan to use your responses in a blog post, no surprises. 

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