Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yankees Off Night Open Thread

The Yankees are off tonight so like I do with every off night for the team I leave you with an open thread. Talk about whatever you like, maybe your favorite Bernie Williams moment or something. Just as a reminder the Yankees will honor Mr. #51 this weekend in the Bronx with a plaque in Monument Park and a jersey number retiring ceremony.

Enjoy the off night everyone and we’ll be back at full strength tomorrow for the start of the series with the Texas Rangers. If you don't mind do me a personal favorite and give the song above a listen. The band who performs the song "Just Believe" is named Southern Gentleman and they are personal friends of mine and generally a bunch of good guys. Dan, Ryan I got you bro's! Good night all!


  1. Stop The PRESS - does that say they will be here in October??

    1. when you press play up there - an ad comes up that says Denver - October 2015 - are they playing here?

    2. ads are based off your browsing history... lol

  2. DANIEL ELLIJAY BURCH...............

    I, for one, read all your posts / articles. Much time goes into your research, and
    to present it even more time consuming.
    I have no idea how you in your situation (boys )...find the time. But you always do.
    My pleasure to work at your site.

    I know Kenneth ( the sod grower ) feels the same.

    I had a need to say that tonight. Be the good father you are.

    1. Thank you, Patrick of the Dark Side...LOL
      I for one, wish I had had more time with my two kids, but life is what it is!

    2. Patrick I appreciate your kind words, nice to wake up to. Have no fear my family comes first as I do much of my TGP work as I am supposed to be doing my other work. Don't tell anyone though.

      Stay well my friends

  3. THE BINDER / THE ready to claim another.
    I know it's 8-5 in the seventh. Time to turn the TV off. Done.
    The rerun team is at it again. I refuse to be part of it.
    This is insulting. A $3 billion dollar team ?
    How many losses in a row now ? Too many.

    The Binder claims another team loss.
    Your season is flashing across the screen. It can't help itself.

  4. OPEN THE BINDER / BOOKLET....its that time again.
    At the end of five, 10-0 Rangers. So sad, its comical. A 3 billion dollar team ? Really ?
    A team with that wealth, should win way more than they loose.

    The key word is....'again'.

    1. Defense sucks. Pitchers lose confidence when defense sucks. Story of our lives right now.


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