Sunday, June 14, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Sued... Again

Alex Rodriguez is doing everything he is supposed to this season and then some but that doesn't mean that the past is forgotten. We all know the story behind the whole Biogenesis scandal and such where Alex essentially purchased confidential information and shared it with certain third parties including the United States Government, federal prosecutors and the DEA. Essentially Alex snitched. Some say snitches get stitches but apparently some get sued as well.

Alex is being sued by a former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo who was also a defendant in the Biogenesis criminal case. Here is the official report from the New York Daily News:

In a bombshell lawsuit filed in Miami state court, Lazaro Collazo — a former University of Miami pitching coach and a defendant in the Biogenesis criminal case — alleges that Rodriguez, a business associate and the private investigation firm A-Rod used in his bitter arbitration battle with Major League Baseball violated Florida law by buying confidential medical records and sharing them with third parties, including federal prosecutors and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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