Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Alex Rodriguez Milestones on Deck

Alex Rodriguez has surpassed many milestones this season, marketable for the New York Yankees or not, including tying and passing the likes of Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds in home runs and RBI all-time. That's an awesome career for any player, especially all in one season, but Rodriguez is quietly sneaking up on another handful of milestones that he could potentially surpass this season as well.

Rodriguez is a mere 13 hits away from the historic 3000 hit plateau and with the 2,987 hits he would become just the 29th player in Major League History to achieve the historic milestone. Only three players in major league history have surpassed 3,000 hits and are not yet in the Hall of Fame, Pete Rose, who is ineligible, Rafael Palmeiro, who admitted steroids use, and Derek Jeter, who is a shoe-in for induction. Rodriguez will likely join Rose and Palmeiro in not making Cooperstown despite the milestone.

Rodriguez is also just 35 home runs away from becoming the fourth player in Major League history to reach the 700 home run plateau. Rodriguez isn't likely to reach that mark in 2015 but after this season there is little reason to believe why he cannot, health and playing time dependent of course, achieve that in 2016.

Alex is just 5.0 WAR away from tying Red Sox legend Ted Williams in WAR all-time as he currently sits at 117.1 WAR while Williams has 123.1 WAR in their respected careers.

Rodriguez is one good season away from joining the Top Three of all-time in RBI as A-Rod currently sits at 1996 RBI in his career just 79 behind Cap Anson.

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