Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly Check In: Brady Lail

Brady Lail is a name that many casual fans of the New York Yankees and/or their farm system may not know because he isn’t going to show up on anyone’s Top 10 Prospects list. He isn’t a sexy name with the upside of an ace starting pitcher or a light’s out reliever like a Luis Severino or a Jacob Lindgren but he is a starting pitcher for the Trenton Thunder that is quietly having a great 2015 campaign. While this spot is normally reserved for Tyler Austin his struggles at the plate, specifically in the batting average category, mixed with the sudden and quiet emergence of Lail forced the move at least temporarily.

If you don’t know Lail but you’re a fan of the Yankees farm system then check this stat line out and be on the lookout for these posts because this is a name we may see in Scranton and the Bronx sooner than we all think. Take notice, ZERO HOME RUNS ALLOWED.


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