Thursday, June 4, 2015

New York Yankees Off Day Open Thread

There will be no game thread today obviously and I am sure that isn’t hurting a lot of people’s feeling right now. Those west coast games and just take it out of you as the games don’t generally start until 10:05 pm ET and don’t end until well past 1:00 am ET. If you’re like me and you have a job to go to early the next morning and/or kids that don’t care if you stayed up watching baseball all night they still use the sun as their alarm clock then you understand we all need a day to recharge the batteries. That day is today so instead of bringing you more content I am going to leave you with this open thread for the night to discuss whatever comes to your minds.

NBA Finals start tonight, the Yankees play host to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting tomorrow night in the Bronx, I’m sure that hockey thing is about to start any day now and a load of baseball on tap. There’s plenty going on and there’s plenty to talk about so go wild and have fun.

I leave you with this musical recommendation out of my personal collection like I do with every open thread: Not That Beautiful by Papa Roach. Before you snub your nose at the name of the band at least give it a listen. Thank you and enjoy. 

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