Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weekly Check In: Greg Bird

Greg Bird has been off the disabled list for a couple of weeks now and picked up right where he left off in the power department. Bird is currently playing at Double-A Trenton with the Trenton Thunder and while his batting average has been severely lacking his power numbers have not suffered for it. As a first baseman you would hope to see a little more average moving forward but if he can showcase 30 home run power then you deal with it, see Mark Teixeira.

My only concern with Bird is the injury history, an injury history that may lead New York to trade him if they are as concerned as I am about it. Bird has a history of back issues which moved him from the catcher position to first base and had another bout with the injury bug this season already. The promise is there and so is the offense and the defense but it would be a shame to see the back injury bug rob another Yankees first baseman of a promising career. Let’s hope I’m just being the worrier that I am in my nature and we see Bird in Triple-A and then the Major Leagues soon enough.


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