Thursday, August 13, 2015

Game Preview: New York Yankees @ Cleveland Indians 8/13

The New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians will finish their three game set this week at Progressive Field tonight with the Yankees desperately needing a win. The Toronto Blue Jays are right there at the top with the Yankees and while a sweep of the Indians would have been nice that didn’t go according to plan unfortunately. The Yankees will send Nathan Eovaldi to the mound tonight looking to put some space between them and both the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays while the Indians counter with Trevor Bauer. The game will be played at 7:10 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network and MLB TV.

  • Eovaldi heads into the start looking for his 12th win of the season after taking a no-decision in his last start against the Toronto Blue Jays. Eovaldi is facing the Cleveland Indians for just the second time in his career tonight after throwing seven innings of one-run ball in his first start against the Indians, taking the loss.

  • Bauer heads into this start after having a rough time last time out when he surrendered three home runs in a surprising victory. Bauer has now allowed 14 home runs in his last nine starts and has a 5.27 ERA, a great sign for the Yankees going forward tonight.

The Yankees start an absolutely huge series with the Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow and all throughout the weekend so it’s imperative that the team heads into that series with a victory. The team needs a hot streak, they need an offense explosion and they definitely need a win tonight in Cleveland. Eovaldi has received a ton of run support this season and has given the Yankees a ton a wins so I feel good about saying that I feel confident about tonight. Go Yankees!


  1. Everyone on here knows I dislike Eovaldi as a pitcher. I have never run from that and will not until I am convinced a pitcher who throws 98 PHM and only has 88K's in 123 innings, still gives up a great deal of hits and doesn't go deep into games and gets a ton of run support. You want to start acting like a the 11 win pitcher you are well now is the time to step up and shut down the Indians and go deep into the game so we don't have to see the likes of a Goody or Pinder or whatever Triple A kid they have called up the last few days. This will be a big step to see if he's as good as some of you are claiming.

  2. Hans,

    you're a big stat guy, what do you think of using WAR to evaluate pitchers?

    Tanaka - 1.2
    Pineda - 1.5
    Sabathia - 0.2
    Nova - 1.0
    Eovaldi - 2.1

    Not saying Evo is an ace by any means, I was typing out a post for Saturday and ran across the stats and figured I'd share. Carry on.

  3. I don't like WAR and the perfect example is Evo. Tanaka and Pineda are both better pitchers than Straight yet Evo has a higher WAR number. Look what he did tonight. 5 1/3 innings only 4K's and 3 walks and gave up 7 hits in his stint. And again the Yanks have scored at the time I am writing this 7 runs for him. You're argument all the time is he is a 4 or a 5 and if thats the case then you feel he is fine. My feelings are we gave up a pretty good ball player in Prado for a number 5 pitcher when we have better in Warren. A guy that throws 98 and has a power arm should be striking out more than 4 guys a game, but you can look at his K's to innings lately and say its almost a K an inning since he usually lasts only 5 1/3 lol

    1. Win loss record does factor into WAR a lot, I can agree with that. Can also agree that his 12-2 record is smoke and mirrors and not a great judge of how he pitched. When I get home I'll check out FIP, probably the best stat to judge a pitcher on.

  4. "GOD IS MY CO-PILOT" old war movie from the 40's...but true today.
    True, as in....God flies on the Revolvers wing.
    The Revolver now has 12 wins, and should have two more. Prado has no wins.

    Some here hammer the Revolver, for limited innings. That will come in time.
    Bottom line.....Eovaldi pitches, he wins. Now, 12-2. He should pitch every day.

    Anyone heard from Shane Greene ? Yanks got hammered for trading him.
    Jeter, is his best days....could not have scored from first, tonight, as Gregorius did.
    With no slide !

  5. Eovaldi is getting bashed on post game fior his lack of innings. Even reporters asked about being lucky and he didn't like it yet they flashed a graphic that he gets 7.60 runs per game. Sorry Littoe P the guy is Aaron Small. With a high octane arm and has no out away pitch.

  6. Eovaldi gets 7.60 runs per game, that's always been the argument. My argument remains the same... Before last night he hasn't allowed more than three runs in 10 straight starts.

    My point remains the same, give him four runs and he is still winning most of those games.

  7. Jack Curry and Bob Lorenz were talking about it post game and said his record is not indicative of the way he pitched. Still high era. Still is basically a 5 inning pitcher. Still throws 98 and doesn't have the strikeouts to back up the arm. Still gives up way to many hits and still taxes the bull pen. Sorry Burch I'll say it now like I've said it before. This is a 98 mph Aaron Small.

    1. And I've never argued that fact. He needs to K more, throw less pitches and go deeper into games. Some of that is on Girardi when he was pulling him after 85 pitches and some of that is on Evo not being efficient.

      You may not think so, and that's fine, but with the confidence in his splitter will come the added innings. The more he throws it for contact and outs and the less he nibbles at the plate the longer he will go into games. That takes time unfortunately.

    2. I hear you Burch, however at this point I'm not sure your answers are correct with this guy. Instead of beating a dead horse on this issue I will let things continue to play out and at the end of the year we can address this again when all the numbers are done

    3. I can agree to that. As long as his numbers are improving though I will be happy.


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