Thursday, August 6, 2015

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 8/6

For the final time this week the New York Yankees will welcome David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox to Yankee Stadium for a game head-to-head. New York’s bats and pitching have reigned supreme thus far this series and there is no reason to believe the bats won’t continue their hitting ways tonight in the Bronx. New York will presumably need all the offense they can get as they send CC Sabathia to the mound to face off with the Red Sox LHP Eduardo Rodriguez. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network and MLB TV.

After tonight’s game the Yankees welcome Troy Tulowitzki, Saturday’s starter David Price and the Toronto Blue Jays to Yankee Stadium. To see Tulo manning the shortstop position in the Bronx and Price manning the mound live click the Yankees Tickets link at the top of the blog and purchase a pair of tickets or more. If you can’t make it live or can’t stand to see Price and Tulo not wearing Yankees pinstripes live then simply jump on Twitter and give @GreedyStripes a follow to root for the home team each and every game this season.

Sabathia is ready to mow down some Red Sox and I’m ready to watch it so I’ll end this here, Go Yankees!


  1. Look what a jump start can do....

    The Freakin' Mets sign a guy like Yoenis Cespedes, who should have been a Yankee
    from day one, and the Mets are now energized, and rejuvenated. A team that even the
    uneducated laughed at, is now starting to surge. They believe in themselves.
    They may be on their way.

    Our Yankees get a reject from Seattle, who flames out after a week. Was he even needed ?
    And we bring back the guy he pushed out...Jones.
    Every contender has improved, some big time, while the Yankee Squad is as it was
    after spring training.

    Opportunities come and go, but missed opportunities will follow you to your grave.

    How a low end team rockets over night, while the 3 Billion dollar team sits on the can,
    is beyond me.
    First words to describe this mess.....stupid / dumb / sad.

    1. Mets probably have the best pitching staff in all of Major League Baseball right now. Wait until the team gets David Wright back... scary.

      The Yankees added Severino, that was their move. When Ryan and Drew stop hitting they will add Refsnyder. Team will be better, enough better? Remains to be seen.

    2. Little P you were slamming me for ripping the elf and you now see this guy is inept. I would have signed Dave Dombrowkski the minute he was canned. I knew in my heart that trouble was on the horizon when we only added Ackley. If the Yankees don't make the Playoffs and falter the Elf should be canned

    3. KEN HANS....
      It was not all that long ago that George Steinbrenner would have said......" this years
      team has played real hard, they are in first place, lets get them some help."
      And, in short order, help was on the way....power bat / top pitcher, and off the
      Yankees would go....aiming for October.

      This year we get the reject from Seattle, Ackley, who barely hits better than Drew.
      That Toronto team knows who is playing shortstop for them, and who pitches
      every fifth day for them. They are jump started. Like the old Yanks.

      If this year goes down the tubes, as I fear it will, then indeed a change / changes
      should be made.
      I really like Brian Cashman, but he is not the end all. Ackley, had killed me.
      Dave Dombrowski, with Hal Steinbrenners blessing, would make a fine choice.

      Most all major league contenders have retooled, and they are now better for it.
      Most, not all. Sad.

    4. Good post Patrick, however unlike you I don't like Cashman and everyone knows the reasons why. I think changes should be made but I fear gutless Hal won't pay for two GM's at the same time. Hal and the elf have made a major miscalculation in sitting pat. Why in the world would you just add Ackley? What does he bring to the team? No risk no reward.

  2. Patrick, I totally agree with your summation, sorry to say.
    One thing about Cespedes is he will be an FA after this year (?). Two things could far as the Yankees are a few weeks we could trade for him or give up a draft pick and sign him as an FA. I don't think he is worth a draft pick, let's face it, he isn't a young A-Rod. We have a guy that may be a better player named Judge...maybe!
    I think he is in the right place...the National League!

    I agree Daniel, I hope they get him up here in time to play in the playoffs!

  3. Reed,

    Since he was traded midseason he can't be offered a qualifying offer. No draft pick necessary

    1. Thank you, Daniel, I forgot! Ooops!
      The point being he has a 10,500,000 per year contract until October of 2015. Is he worth having him instead of bring up one of the other Judge? We all know Beltran is toast and may retire after this year...IF maybe the team gives him a going away check.
      Cespedes has been over-hyped and hasn't shown any more than the projections of other outfielders on the farm have. The difference is he has done it with the Big Boys, whereas Judge is in AAA.
      Question; Would he be a better fit than Judge?

    2. No problem, it's easy to forget or whatever. They don't always make the rules easy to follow and understand.

      Beltran is not going to walk away from $15 million in my opinion and has actually been quietly a good player offensively both before and after his disabled list stint. Last time I checked, granted it may have been a week and a half ago or so, he was hovering around the .275 ish mark with doubles power.

      Cespedes is a low average, all power guy. I'd rather 20 home runs and a .285 average personally than a .240 hitter with 30 home runs. I understand Mark Teixeira is the latter but he also plays Gold Glove defense at first base, Cespedes cannot say the same about his outfield play.

  4. I think next year Judge will be in right field, sooner than later! How they make room for him I can only think of giving Beltran half of his contract...IF he will retire.
    I don't see them trading Brett or Ells unless they get one hell of a deal for one of them. They wouldn't bring him up and have him sit on the bench.
    The last two years Beltran has come to spring training very much out of shape, there is no excuse for a major Leaguer being out of shape like that. He is a weak link on the team, he can't run nor play acceptable defense. I would even try and trade him for just about anything and eat half his contract...same for CC.
    Those two contracts are killing this team and should be taken care of, we have better players down on the Farm. It wouldn't hurt the payroll at all because the replacement players would make the minimum.

    All of the above is hyperbole of course but, one can dream!

    1. Beltran gets his entire contract for next year whether he retires or not, that's the thing about guaranteed contracts. Problem is you have Alex for his age 41 and age 42 seasons so you have no place to hide Beltran. Bench him, DFA him oir play him. Those are the three options.

      Can't demote him, can't trade him without his consent and you really can't DH him either. Judge has played CF in the minor leagues but don't let that fool you, he is a right fielder or bust inside Yankee Stadium. Moving Ellsbury, another NTC, or Gardner, which makes no sense, won't help Judge's case either way.

    2. I guess I'll have to get out of the Sports Money pages and into the contract pages.

      And I did know Judge was to be a Right Fielder on this team. As for trading Ells or Brett that is a No-no, who would set the plate for the big guns?
      On defense alone Judge is much better than Beltran as a hitter, well that is a wait and see!


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