Monday, August 24, 2015

Twitter Poll: One Game Playoff, Severino or Tanaka Start?

I am absolutely all-in for the New York Yankees this season and I agree with the above tweet that it is American League East Division title or nothing. This is simply a hypothetical Twitter Poll this morning, if the Yankees did have to settle for a Wild Card and a one-game playoff who does Joe Girardi have starting that contest? Assuming that everyone is well rested and on their normal rest who starts that game if you, not Joe Girardi, is making the decision? Is it the rookie who seems unfazed by the bright lights in Luis Severino or is it the ace that's honestly never been there before either in his Major League career in Masahiro Tanaka?

Personally I give the ball to Severino with a short leash if I am making the decision. We have only seen Severino make a handful of starts in his MLB career and his worst may have been his start Saturday against the Indians as he struggled with command and he still won the game. Severino's stuff is so good that even with less than stellar command he still found a way to hold Cleveland to just one run and still found a way to win. Severino strikes out nearly 10 batters a game and has not shown that he is going to be home run prone, the same cannot be said for Tanaka. This is not in any way meant to disrespect Tanaka, he's the ace and he's the starting pitcher that will lead us to the promised land, this is merely my personal preference.

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