Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tetrad, the Fourth Blood Moon & the Toronto Blue Jays

If you don’t know what a blood moon is or what the “tetrad” is then this is going to be a very informative, and hopefully very interesting, post for you. The tetrad is described as a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses, coinciding on major Jewish Holidays, with six full moons in between with no intervening partial lunar eclipses. I promise it will be worth it to keep reading, don’t let me lose you now.

The fourth blood moon will occur on September 28, 2015 completing the cycle that is called the tetrad. This will be just the 8th tetrad during the 21st century and has sparked much controversy with the people who think the blood moon is an omen for the end times. The blood moon prophecy is mentioned numerous times in the Christian bible making appearances in the Book of Joel, Acts in Pentecost by Saint Peter and of course in revelations which predict a great earthquake, the sun to become black and the moon to “become as blood.”

Whether you believe in the end times or not is not the point here, the point is that every prior tetrad of the last 500 years coincided with events in the Jewish and Israeli history that were tragic. All those tragedies followed triumphs of course, the Six Day War for instance, leading us to the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays.

Someone on that team has to be Jewish, right? So with that being said the team will choke under the pressure that is meaningful September baseball, lose the division lead and choke into the postseason. All because the sun is being eclipsed a certain way thus making the moon shine red at night. Thank you science.

This post was all done in fun, have fun with it. Don’t hate. 

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