Friday, October 16, 2015

Join us on Tap Sports Baseball 2015

The offseason is long, cold and boring at times so why not spend your winter playing video games? Words to live by, yeah I know. When the playoffs are over and the World Series is won some of you will switch over to the NFL, then to the NBA before coming back to Major League Baseball but I’m not much of a fan of either leagues. I’m a gamer, as much of a gamer as my wife, two kids and two jobs will allow me to be anyway, and I found a great baseball game that we can play together. Tap Sports Baseball 2015.

I’m not being paid to play or promote this game in anyway, I truly just like the game and enjoyed playing with our Twitter followers and readers in the 2014 version of the game. It’s fun. It’s not as deep as MLB The Show 15 or as arcade oriented as RBI Baseball, it’s just simple and fun, yet competitive.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 username: GreedyPinstripes

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