Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jose Bautista Needs to Calm Down

Jose Bautista has been seen during the ALCS pre-game workouts and such wearing a “Toronto vs. Everybody” t-shirt as the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder continues to play the victim. The victim that was seen in right field doing WWE star John Cena’s signature “you can’t see me” after throwing out two members of the New York Yankees. The victim that flipped the bat during Game 5 of the ALDS almost as far as the eventual game winning home run he hit. It’s not Toronto vs. Everybody it’s YOU vs. Everybody and you need to calm down.

I understand that this is the first time the Blue Jays outfielder has been to the postseason in his 12-year career and I understand that emotions and pressure are running amuck right now. Calm down, you have gone from keeping the Toronto Blue Jays relevant in a way only Carlos Delgado could in the past 22-seasons without a postseason berth to being the players that all the fans love to hate. You’re better than that Joey Bats.

It’s not a team-based thing, I actually respect the Toronto Blue Jays as a team and as an organization, and it’s 100% not an ethnic thing, although I’ve seen the ethnic card being tossed around of late, it’s a respect thing. You disrespect yourself, the game and the opposing team’s players and fans when you act like this, flipping bats, making gestures etc. You’re a role model, is this how you want your kids to act on the High School ball field when they don’t have the MLB Players Association, the league, droves of security and teammates and fans to back them up?

You’re 35-years old now and you’re finally in the postseason, congratulations. No one on that field probably deserves it more than you. I know I can’t say act like you’ve been here before, because you can’t because you haven’t, but act like the face of the franchise that many believe you to be and not some young, arrogant up-and-coming kid that that everyone is going to love to hate. Represent the game and represent your homeland and people, don’t give them a black eye before they even make their way over to the states to pursue THEIR dream.


  1. I know I am from a different era than most on this or 90% of the other sites but, it will go without saying what would happen in bygone years.
    What should happen is his team-mates talk to him and all that feel good and PC stuff...maybe, just maybe he might get the idea he was out of line trying to be the center of attention instead of letting the team be the center of everyone's attention!
    Maybe instead of acting like a spoiled little boy he should thank the two guys that were on base making it possible for his 3 run HR. There is an old saying, it goes something like this; "Oh, how far the mighty have fallen"!
    If one is a quiet star everyone can and will work as hard and try as hard as you. one can just listen to stories told about A-Rods workouts. Nobody can keep up with his workouts, no matter how hard they try and many have tried.
    Respect is a two-way street, one shows respect and gets it in turn. Anyone ever see Mo or hear of Mickey showing up the other team? I doubt it, class shows and is rewarded with class and respect.

    Class and Respect has escaped your actions, Jose Bautista...let us hope it was just you being caught up in the situation.

    1. Class and respect are two things that Jose Bautista lacks... big time. He's cocky and arrogant, both are annoying by themselves but together that person becomes unbearable.


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