Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Yankees: Dustin Ackley Talks Yankees Pride


  1. DUSTIN ACKLEY....really, who knows what the future holds for him.

    I confess, I was swept up in the Daniel Murphy thing. His new upcoming contract,
    and Met ties...are not needed here. Sorry.

    I make not bones about disliking the Mets, or their obnoxious fans.
    What I will say, is if those losers get to the series, and do well....the Yankee Nation
    will / should be screaming for action to happen.

    The city once owned by the Yankees for years, is now being being turned over
    to a team, robbed by Bernard Madoff. And they win ?

    A $ 3 billion super team.....can't fix itself ?

    1. Half this premonition came true, the Mets are in the World Series. Remains to be seen whether they do well or not.... but the fans will revolt either way this winter.

      Will it matter? Not sure, especially after all the attendance from this season and the Yankees share of the playoff money.


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