Monday, October 5, 2015

Playoffs: Bring Me The Best!

The 2015 Major League Baseball regular season is over and the playoffs begin on Tuesday with the AL Wild Card Game. The New York Yankees have made their return trip to the postseason in 2015 after missing out on the prestige and honor of the playoffs the last two season and many fans are worried about the Yankees chances. Not I, said Sam.

Many fans were hoping for this team (The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) or looking to avoid that pitcher (Dallas Keuchel) or rooting for the Kansas City Royals to win the best record in the American League to avoid the Toronto Blue Jays. Screw that, bring me the best.

Back in 2009, and yes I am very much aware that this team could barely carry the jock straps of the 2009 team, I can remember hoping for the best teams on the way to the World Series. I want to leave little doubt in the opposing team's fans and the general MLB fan base if the Yankees go far into the playoffs. In 2009 it was the Minnesota Twins, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that had owned the team in recent playoff stretches and the defending World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

This season bring me Houston Astros who won the other Wild Card in the American League. When the Yankees beat them I want the Kansas City Royals. In the ALCS I want the defending AL East champion Toronto Blue Jays. In the National League I'll take any of those teams because they are all great. I don't necessarily fear any of these teams and I don't think the team does either.

Bring me the best and bring me the ring. I may be delusional to some but I tend to call it optimistic and a fan. Sue me.


    Lets face it gentlemen......the Yankees are indeed lucky.
    Lucky that the season did not last another week.

    In actuality, it would have been better if the team was shut out of post season activity.
    I would have hoped, it would have prodded management to improve this team for 2016.

    Like what you saw over the past seven days ? You'll get a whole lot more of it next year.

    1. See Patrick I whole heartdly agree with you. Hal and the Elf now have a false outlook on this team. This team isn't that good and to think that Arod or Tex will produce the same numbers next year is just wrong.

      To think this pitching staff has a true ace is wrong and with the over use of the bull pen by Girardi don't expect the relief corp to be as good as they were for most of the season. It must be a Joe thing with burning out relievers Torre did and now Girardi.

      I expect little additions to be made to this roster next year and my buddy Dave Dombrowksi will have the Red Sox better staffed for next season and Toronto has an offensive Juggernaut with some decent arms in the rotation and there willingness to spend money while we sit on our hands will be the downfall to 2016.

    2. Ken H, my two cents is coming down the pike right now...for what it is worth! lol

      The back of their cards say different, right? Even so, I agree about A-Rod but disagree with Tex.
      I agree, the BP was over used, but I don't see it happening again next year! There will be about two very good additions to the BP!
      Careful what you say about Joe T, I have written about his overuse of the BP and that was why the Joba Rules were set-up...also why he was (in reality) fired. When given a contract you know you will not are fired!
      Boston already has the players they need except for pitching, if they can't win with them it is their own fault.

    3. Actually Reed Tex's baseball card stats are in line with his years with the Yanks except the first year when he hit for a high average. Aron's numbers are also in line with his last few year. You could've managed a few of the Torre years and won.

      Torre is overrated as a manager and all you have to look at is his past history before he got there. And by the way he was given studs by the great owner GS who spent money when he was manager. If you think guys like Mitchell and Goode and Bailey and Pinder and the other cast of arms are going to help out I would say you're sadly mistaken. I heard an interesting stat tonight about Gardner which is he had the second lowest BA of all regulars after the all-star break.

    4. No, no, Ken, you said we shouldn't expect Tex and A-Rod to hit as they have this are always saying to look at their cards and I say Not all the time do they tell the storey.

      Anyhow, you are not telling me anything I haven't been writing about for years...Joe T was the right guy at the right time. He helped make Jeter a star and tearing down A-Rod with planting false, half-truths, and innuendos with his pals in the media.
      As for the cast of the BP, read below.
      Every year Brett takes a nose dive after the All-Star game that is why I have Slade on the team next year. Slade and Mason can give all the OFs a day off then Brett and Ells can stay healthy and rested.

      There is no doubt this team is not good enough to be a force in "The Beast of the East".

      Good going!

    5. I trade Gardner this off season and would have traded him a few years back. Not a Gardner fan... I bet you couldn't figure that one out

    6. If Gardner can fetch something of use I say trade him as well. He is the only tradeable contract and he is easily replaces. having him and Ells at the top of the lineup was a great idea in theory but only if they steal bases, and they don't.

    7. Ken H, never would I have known you were not a fan of Bretts! lol

      Daniel, the problem was one (Ells) was limited with leg injuries and the other is not the greatest base stealer in the world. Other than that, things didn't work out as well as we all hoped.

    8. He wasn't stealing bases (Ells Bells) before the injury much and he hasn't since. Gardner never has as a member of the Yankees. The experiment only works if they do, and they don't. Time to nix the experiment and get some power out of a corner outfield spot like the position was designed to be.

    9. More or less, I was saying the same thing by trading Brett we may have room for a slugger. As for "Ells Bells" he has had trouble with his legs off and on all year but, he still should have had more than he did.

  2. My opinion is simple;
    It all depends on a few things, BP needs help, they can't use a three man BP all year...the need for two more trusted arms in BP.

    A-Rod needs to retire or be used much less...hope he retires!
    Use Bird as DH and 1st base. Use Slade in right field, center field and left field...thus, giving Beltran more DH time.
    Refsnyder at 2nd base, Didi SS, Chase at 3rd, Tex at 1st with Ackley, Ryan nd JR Murphy on the bench.
    Starting pitchers are Tank, Pineda, Severino, Eovaldi and Warren!
    BP is Miller, Dillion, Lindgren, Shreve, Willson and a couple new ones.

    I can see some players they may end up trading, for needs; Nova, Sanchez, Brett Gardner, Warren, Mitchell!

    I am sure we all know what this team needs but until we get rid of some of these contracts we are in trouble. Maybe a trade or two will help.

    1. Reed I agree with Slade being there from the start and Bird needs to play everyday or the majority of it anyway. Nova needs to go along with Gardner and package Mitchell with either Nova or Gardner and get a legit bat or a legit arm. If you have your pitching order the way you wrote it then I would make it Tanaka, Severino, Warren, Pineda and Eovaldi in that order.

      In my opinion there still isn't a clear number one, however the potential of Severino could be number one material if we don't screw him up with all these stupid pitching rules. I still would like for the Yanks to get a solid arm and as I said before I think we were derailed by not getting another arm and bat at the deadline.

    2. ROCKET excellent assessment on turning over this best
      they can, considering aging contracts. For you offer up trades like that is
      refreshing. In the past, you tended to want to hold on to everyone....especially Gardner.
      Its a start, and I hope the team monitors your comments.

      The person who posted after you, who is on my 'Do not call list', had some
      fine points also. Surprisingly.
      Viva La Off Season !

    3. Ken H, The only way I would give up on Mitchell is if he has the same C&C problems again in 2016. He and Evo have great arms but, one (Evo) needs a true "Strike Out" pitch and Mitchell better C&C.
      Mitchell can get away with his problems if used in the BP for an inning or two...I think! For the right deal, I would trade just about anyone!

    4. If the Yankees could rid themselves of the A Rod contract, either by retirement (won't happen he wants to pass Bonds and has said it numerous times) or trade (full NTC and won't leave New York after rebuilding his image to some) the offseason would be turned on its head. If not, and I don't think the team can, it's going to be another winter of 2015. Might sign one or two guys, Darren O'Day namely, but that's all I could see.

  3. I fear you are right Daniel, but there is a small sliver of hope.
    We have or will have (mark it down) some of our own playing next year. Severino, Lindgren, Refsnyder, Mason Williams, Bird, Heathcott and maybe Rumbelow, Pirela.

    Everyone knows I want the young guys to play, but I think I would like to see a Price and a good heavy hitting player (other than a 1st baseman) running around with our own players.


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