Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quick Hit: The USA Today Explains the Yankees Offensive Woes in One Picture

Photo: USA Today Yankees Page

If a picture is worth a thousand words what will the picture above be worth if the team doesn’t change their offensive ways in 2016 and beyond? When I say change their offensive ways I mean if the team doesn’t get away from the #TooManyDamnHrs mantra and move towards situational hitting, bunting, fundamental baseball and THEN sitting back and waiting for the three run home run. Here is the Yankees offensive problem in a nutshell.

The team’s batting average is well below league average. The team simply does not hit the ball for a base hit three times out of every ten at bats, a lot of the team struggles to even hit the ball in play for a base hit 2.5 times out of every ten at bats. The team is far below average in the average department but the team can knock the ball over the fence like there is no tomorrow. The team lost a step or three to the Toronto Blue Jays after losing Mark Teixeira in the home run department but has still lived and died by the long ball, a recipe that has historically not worked when the calendar changed to October.

The Yankees can score runs at an above average clip but it is how those runs come across the board that may once again haunt this team when they face above average pitching on any given night in the playoffs. 

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