Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Yankees & a Potential ALDS Matchup

I know what you’re thinking, damn Daniel you’re getting a little bit ahead of yourself aren’t you? To be frank, yes I am. It’s a slow news day, the Yankees have little to nothing to play for and when I have time on my hands I think and overanalyze almost everything in my life. It’s a fault and I can’t see me changing that, it’s just something I have learned to deal with. Anyway the Yankees have a plan for if the team gets past the AL Wild Card round so why shouldn’t I, right?

Luis Severino took his regular turn on Friday in the first game of the three game set with the Baltimore Orioles and that is not a coincidence that he did. Masahiro Tanaka is perfectly lined up to pitch the Wild Card Game on October, 6 on five days rest where the Yankees feel he pitches his best baseball and Luis Severino is perfectly lined up to pitch on October, 8 in Game One of the ALDS on five days of rest as well. Following Severino in a hypothetical ALDS would be Michael Pineda would could pitch Game Two of the series on October, 9 after last pitching in Game 162 on October, 4. Giving Pineda regular rest, and not regular rest like CC Sabathia, Tanaka and Severino benefit from, is uber-important to the success of the Yankees this postseason. 

Tanaka, assuming he would pitch on just four days rest this time around, would be available again on October, 11 for Game Three of the series. CC Sabathia would have a ton of rest heading into Game Four, 11 days rest to be exact, while Severino would be available for a do-or-die Game Five.

Looking at it this way and assuming the bats show up and the pitching pitches the way they are capable of pitching you have to think the Yankees at least have a shot to reach the ALCS. In a five game series anything can happen, a team can get hot, lucky or a combination of both and win three games. While the better team usually tends to win a best-of-seven series you face a lot of uncertainty in a five-game series. The Toronto Blue Jays, or the Kansas City Royals if they make a move, would have much more to lose in a potential ALDS than the Yankees giving them more of a relaxed atmosphere and vibe heading into the series. I’m not saying the Yankees are going to win the ALDS, and I am far from guaranteeing a victory in the AL Wild Card playoff game, I’m just saying I am more confident than most and I am hoping this post makes you more confident too. 

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