Saturday, October 10, 2015

TGP Introduces The T.G.P. Game

For the New York Yankees and the fans of the New York Yankees the offseason has begun and the 2015 season is over well short of the preseason goal, the World Series. Brian Cashman is ready to begin planning for the 2016 season immediately and so are the writers here at The Greedy Pinstripes. With that said TGP wants to introduce a game that we will play multiple times this offseason, we call it T.G.P. Three points for originality I know, and two more for the cheesy acronym, but I'm hoping the creativity aspect will help me here.

T.G.P. stands for Tumble, Get better and Plateau. Obviously T stands for taking a slight regression in 2016, get better means the player will improve in 2016 while the plateauing players will stay relatively the same next season. Let's start with the starting pitching, shall we?

Masahiro Tanaka: G

Tanaka will be two years removed from his partially torn ulnar collateral ligament that five doctors advised him to rest and rehab rather than undergoing Tommy John surgery. That's a full season of confidence, a full season of new mechanics and a full season of working with Larry Rothschild under his belt. Tanaka will win more games in 2016 before deciding whether to opt out of his current contract or not after 2017.

Michael Pineda: G

Pineda almost has to get better in 2016, almost has to. Pineda only won 12 games in 2015 and struggled with either too much rest, not enough rest, elbow/forearm injuries and a slew of other excuses in his first "full season" since shoulder surgery ended his 2012 and 2013 seasons and limited his 2014 somewhat.

Ivan Nova: G

Nova will be better in 2016. Starting pitchers always struggle with command and effectiveness in their first year removed from Tommy John surgery. In the second season you always see the true effects of the surgery and whether a pitcher will come all the way back from the ulnar collateral ligament replacement. Nova will be in his second season removed in 2016 and has shown glimpses of being all the way back. He might not lead the team in wins in 2016 but he won't lead the team in losses either.

Luis Severino: T

Severino, the opposite of Pineda, cannot get better in 2016, can he? Severino was an absolute God send in 2015 and had a quality start in every one of his starts but one in 2015, that bad start inside Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays. Tumble does not mean Severino will be bad but I can't see him throwing 30 quality starts either, he set the bar too high with his debut.

CC Sabathia: P

Sabathia will likely plateau in 2016 in my opinion. Sabathia almost led the team in losses in 2015 but pitched much better with his new knee brace at the end of the season. Sabathia may actually win 10 games in 2016 if he remains healthy and continues to use that bulky knee brace, but it's not likely.

Nathan Eovaldi: T

Eovaldi is likely to tumble in 2016 but that's not to mean he will have a bad season. Eovaldi pitched well in the latter half of the season but everyone who actually watched the games knew that Eovaldi had no reason winning 14 games last season. Eovaldi may only win 12-13 games in 2016 as long as the splitter continues to evolve but he won't build on his monster win total of 2015 in my opinion.


  1. Evo will be a better pitcher He needs to progress mightily on his curve ball and better location of his FB and splitter. His curveball is or could be his put-away pitch...which he desperately needs. The smart thing for him to do is concentrate on three pitches; let's say his FB, Curve, and one of Splitter or curve.
    If he works on them this winter he should be able to strike batters out much easier if he can put the high one where it belongs...high and in! He can't paint with any of his pitches but, IF nothing goes wrong with him or his arm...C&C, could make him a very good pitcher for many years! IF!

    If nothing changes...he will be as you say, a "T"!

    1. You just can't expect the offense to give him as much support in 2016 as they did in 2015, which also contributed to my grade.

    2. I am not looking for the support he received last year at all.
      Evo can shut any team down if he learns how to pitch.
      He has a 99mph., fastball right? Add two more pitches to his arsenal that work well and you have yourself a darn good pitcher...although, I would like to see him learn the Change-up and refine it enough that he would use it as his out pitch.

    3. Tanaka is not a true number one in any sense of the word now after his injury. He is what he is and this year showed you major inconsistencies. My prediction is that he is a Plateau player.

      Pineda too is an inconsistent player and I don't see how he can get better. He doesn't adjust as a pitcher and his slider can be his savior, however most recently in his decline it has been his downfall. I think he is a plateau right now.

      Nova needs to be sent packing on the first bus to anywhere but here. He can't get much worse so I think if we are cursed with him for another year he will be a Get Better.

      Severino. See Burch I totally disagree with you on the kid. He can get better as he is just getting his feet wet. I think he is a Get Better.

      CC Sabathia is a tumble waiting to happen. He pitched better with the brace on on but he is done like yesterday's news paper.

      Eovaldi will Tumble greatly as you mentioned above Burch the run support won't be there and then you will see the same pitcher or close to the pitcher he was with the Marlins. 98 mph doesn't always get it done in the major leagues especially when you can't get into the 6th consistently.

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