Sunday, October 25, 2015

Using Ron Guidry as an Example for Why Rob Refsnyder Should Start At Second Base in 2016

Earlier today we took a trip down memory lane when we remembered a great Yankees player of the past, Ron Guidry. In the piece we pointed out that Guidry almost quit Major League Baseball after the New York Yankees continuously sent the man that would eventually be called “Louisiana Lightning” back and forth from Triple-A to the Major Leagues. Along with these free bus shuttles and back forth to the minor leagues came trade rumors and near trades leaving Guidry wondering if his career was meant to be or even worth pursuing. I’m not comparing the two players by any stretch of the imagination but it gives you, the fans, a small insight into the mind of a player trying to break into the Major Leagues and shows you that even the toughest individuals have a breaking point. This, among other reasons, is why the Yankees should stop jerking Robert Refsnyder around by blocking him at second base and let him platoon with Dustin Ackley at the position in 2016.

You can use this example for any positional prospect or pitching prospect on any team but no player got their hopes crushed more in less than two seasons than Refsnyder in my opinion. Refsnyder hit the cover off the ball in 2014 but was kept in Triple-A due to his defensive concerns after being switched to second base after being drafted in 2012. Refsnyder spent the entire 2014 season in the minor leagues and finished in Triple-A with the Scranton/Wilkes Barre and was seen knocking on the door of the Bronx in spring training of 2015. Refsnyder saw his hopes rise when New York traded Martin Prado to the Miami Marlins in the deal that brought Garrett Jones and Nathan Eovaldi back to the Yankees and saw them dashed just as quickly when the team signed Stephen Drew to a free agent contract. Sure this won’t happen again in 2016, right?

There have already been rumors, although naturally everyone denies them including Refsnyder and Yankees GM Brian Cashman, of Refsnyder having a bad attitude after being sent back down to the minor leagues in July which is probably just the beginning. Refsnyder didn’t have a bad attitude, he lacked motivation because he was discouraged. We all get like that and no one is perfect. It can be disheartening and heartbreaking to work your tail off only to get continuously mentioned in trade talks, sent back down or kept in the minor leagues and kept on the bench when you’re on the Major League roster. Ron Guidry was a tough man, as tough as they come, and he almost quite baseball for similar reasons and I would hate to see that negativity invade Refsnyder as well.

Refsnyder has earned his shot in my opinion and I think he personally deserves it. It worked out well last time, the Yankees don’t win the 1978 World Series without Guidry and his 25 victories, so why not try to catch lightning in a bottle once again?

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