Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why I Won’t Root for the Mets

This is my personal testimony, this is not entitled “Why Yankees fans should not root for the Mets.” This is why I, Daniel Burch, personally do not root for the Mets. I don’t hate the Mets, more than half my family are Mets fans and I congratulated them all when New York clinched the World Series berth against the Chicago Cubs. Matt Kardos, a Trenton Thunder beat writer, is someone I consider my friend and I congratulated him as well because I know he is a true and diehard Mets fans. It’s the other Mets fans that make it hard to damn near impossible for me to watch and root for the team.

Maybe it’s just me but I have a hard time understanding the fair-weather fans and the bandwagon fans in any sport. I have been a fan of the New York Yankees literally all my life. I was born in the Bronx inside Bronx Lebanon Hospital and I can remember my father telling me he could see the stadium from my hospital bed. I can remember being told I was a Yankees player in every game I played and all I wanted to do was watch and play Yankees baseball ever since I was two years old. I am proud to be a die-hard fan and I get annoyed when I see certain fans, specifically on Twitter, acting the way that they do. I want to tell them to act like they’ve been here before but then I remember that most of them haven’t been here before.

It’s not even the fact that a lot of these fans were wearing Yankees hats six months ago, what bothers me is how cocky and arrogant they are to me on Twitter. You guys know me, I try to be fair to everyone. Everyone on my team and everyone on everybody else’s team. I have more Toronto Blue Jays followers than I do Mets followers and most of them have told me I have a great account and that I’m fair to both sides. Mets fans just tell me I suck and I should root for them because they are a New York team, even though none of them rooted for the Yankees a day in their life. A lot of Mets fans want their cake and they want to smash it in my face and THEN eat it too.

It’s nothing against the Mets I just can’t bring myself to align myself with some of these people who act a fool behind the anonymity of the internet. One guy called me a “clown” and then told me if I was ever in the New Rochelle area to come visit his pizzeria…. Really? I’m happy for the fans of the Mets, the fans that were fans in 2000 the last time the team went to the World Series. The fans that suffered through the Roberto Alomar and Mo Vaugh years along with the botched trades (Victor Zambrano) and free agent signings. As far as these Mets fans that rode the same bus to baseball fandom that the Toronto Blue Jays “fans” rode I have no time for. They don’t deserve this as much as the true fans and that’s why I cannot bring myself to root for the New York Mets. 


  1. My lifelong fandom of the Yankees is a big reason why I refuse to be negative about them. I know about their faults, but I try not to dwell on them.

  2. As a New Yorer I use credit the Mets Ithey ave some of what we lack: a younger scrappy team. I envy them right now-wen our Yanks are down but I remain a Yankees fan. Fear it will take time to turn team-but could be wrong. Relatively new to sport. Though a huge fan! Just gotta keep the faith. And I must add, my one game @ Mets(we won) this season-Mets fans were NASTY!awful comments about our players. Not acceptable. Not at all? Why I can watch/support but remainYANKS ALL THE WAY!

    1. Jean McMahon...You are new to me. Please allow me to welcome you to the best kept
      secret in the baseball blog universe...The Greedy Pinstripes. Stay with us, the winter off season can, and will be, a lot of fun here.

      Re: NY Mets...the one thing the Mets idiots love more than insulting a decent,
      good looking Yankee to have you sit with them, and cheer their team on.
      They are so miserable, and shallow.

      Next time go to a dentist, rather than visit their park. It won't hurt as much.

    2. See that's what I'm talking about Jean, their fans don't act like they've been here before. It's anarchy in the stands and anarchy on Twitter and if you disagree with the mold they created you're crucified, whether you're fair or not.

      I'm all for a healthy debate and maybe a little banter, disrespect is another thing.

  3. Bryan Van Dusen.....good evening.

    I would guess that most here are all lifelong Yankee fans also.
    Being objective, after 162 games is healthy. They are very weak offensively, and need pitching.

    Guess what ? They can be fixed relatively quickly. These days it happens all the time. Watch
    what the Red Sox do over the winter.

    I don't feel that is being negative.
    There is nothing encouraging from the past two campaigns, that we as fans, should
    be subjective to again.
    Cheer up, they deserve to be dressed down.

    1. Brian Cashman doesn't have the freedom, the leeway or the balls to pull off the deals that Dave Dombrowski does. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

      I say that because Dombrowski was never afraid of trading the future for the present and a ton of his deals worked out. The difference between Detroit and New York is Detroit fans will sit by and accept the fact that Cespedes and Price were traded and the team was allowed to tank in order to rebuild. That's not allowed in New York, the fans revolt, so it's more like comparing apples to oranges more so than apples to apples.

  4. Ken Hans, Hanzel, or perhaps known as another. I know you follow the goings on here.

    You left on your own. There was no mass push back against you. You know that.
    You did well here. A nice spice to our mix. And, you stirred the drink. I don' get it.

    What surprised me is that a person with your bluster, and your arrogance ....
    folded like a cheap camera.
    I feel that the guys here, would welcome your return. I do not speak for any of them.

    You need not address me, for I feel I am the problem.
    I may even stop using the word dumb...when I comment on your posts. Don't count on it.

    Think on it...Jersey boy.

    1. I would welcome him back, never wanted him to leave.

  5. Ok, where is the 6th wheel, Ken H?
    See what happens when we get 4 or so fans making comments KEN H?
    How many cars can ride on an odd number of wheels Ken H? Get your young butt back here!
    It takes me two hours to type five lines of a comment, so help me out will you?

  6. Well, gotta say happy Toronto lost - their fans & players behavior was nasty- Toronto showed up the other team at every possible moment- 'styling' at the plate Bautista in particular. Example of poor sports,a ship + fans put players & other fans at risk throwing beer cans etc. Not shown up enough on national TV - it was really disgraceful. Would never happen now @ Yankees!

    1. The Yankees may be down for now, but they never forget they are the USA's Winnest Sports Team in history. They have been the class of the league for years, why would they change, not because of a blip in the ownership...that's for sure!
      We will be back, next year, the year after or after that but, it better be soon...I am getting older every year they miss the Gold!
      I have 18 WS wins under my belt, (by radio, TV or been there) now I need 2 more to make it 20.

    2. Kenneth...bottom line...You as a Yankee fan, should never have to endure...
      " We will be back, next year, the year after, or after that but, it better be soon."

      This is not Cleveland, or the sorry ass Mets. Our team is the NY Yankees.

    3. No Jean, we would never throw beer cans in the field. We just boo our players off the field in a Wild Card Game.

    4. Now you got it, Daniel, the Yuppies are in the seats (45 and under) and they have been spoiled rotten. spoiled by their parents (of the 1960s) and the Yankees winning 5WS in 20 years...well not all are Yuppies, just my sister-in-law and the others that have a fit if their wine isn't chilled just right! They shouldn't be spoiled because I remember the Team winning 5 WS in five years, I saw one of the games and heard the others on the radio...1949-1953!

    5. Welcome Jean, I am late only because we have "Drop By" commenters that write something and are never heard from again.
      It would be a joy to have you join the comments as reading the stuff Patrick writes is very boring. He is ok, as Sailors go, but he is always sick!

      Just kidding, stick around and have some fun!

  7. Ms. Jean McMahon........welcome back.

    Jean McMahon...You are new to me. Please allow me to welcome you to the best kept
    secret in the baseball blog universe...The Greedy Pinstripes. Stay with us, the winter off season can, and will be, a lot of fun here.

    Toronto fans, from what I read from your words, mirror the Met fans you sat with a while back.

    1. Patrick, that was from my better half, the real me wouldn't even think anything but Gold next year.
      But the Boss thinks I shouldn't be so aggressive and all the BS, hell, she is too young to understand the Yankees are the Gold Standard of baseball.

    2. It's all a process, getting commenters to the site. I'm trying and it goes through spurts, one hit wonders, etc. Maybe one day.

  8. Patrick, how are you and the Boss (Anne) doing with your colds? Feeling better I take it, or you can't sleep with the cold bothering you!

    1. Dr. Kenneth............after four days in the hurt locker, I resurfaced yesterday, Monday.
      Anne Marie is 24 hours behind me, and appears to be resurfacing today, Tuesday.
      This virus / cold was tough to shake. You always felt exhausted.

      Will hop back on after working on getting my Florida room / porch winterized.
      I'll give you my 8-9 players that need to be moved, so the team
      can reload....for the 2016 season.


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