Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weekly AFL Check In: Domingo Acevedo

Domingo Acevedo represented the New York Yankees all season long with an impressive breakout season and has continued to do so with the Surprise Saguaros in the Arizona Fall League. Acevedo did not represent the Yankees in the AFL Stars Game, Chaz Hebert did, but Acevedo is knocking on the door to the Bronx and to everyone's Top Prospects list. Acevedo has put everyone on notice in 2016 with another great performance this week in Arizona.

Domingo Acevedo:

G: 4
GS: 0
IP: 6.1
W/L: 1-0
ERA: 4.26
K: 5
BB: 1
WHIP: 0.95


  1. DANIEL : Thank you again for all your hard work. More words have to get out about you,
    and your great site. Why not set a goal ?........Triple the amount of commenters, by winters end ?

    Question re:... Domingo Acevedo. I believe he had Tommy John, and he is making his return ?
    How serious are the prospects of seeing him with the team this year ?
    Was he part of a trade / homegrown ?

    Have to run to work. Kenneth will be assigned to guard duty.
    Veterans Day....I salute all.

    1. We can set a goal I am just perplexed on how to make that goal happen. I truly am. I see us doing better than sites with far larger followings and view counts... but then again I want more.

      I think you're thinking Domingo German, Acevedo was one of those IFA's we signed when we spent 30 million on prospects. Acevedo is raw and spent much of the season in Staten Island. You have a better chance of having a tea party with Barbie and Hans than to see Acevedo this season.

    2. If I could write better and the people would believe the stories, I'd help but...much of what I know about the older players has been written and I have to be careful I don't tell the same or almost the same story.
      The new players are hard to write about because a star player to one (so called) expert is a has been at 21, with another.


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