Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Breaking Again: Yankees Trade Catcher John Ryan Murphy to Minnesota for OF Aaron Hicks

The New York Yankees and Brian Cashman were not done trading today as the Yankees GM sent his backup catcher John Ryan Murphy to the Minnesota Twins for outfielder Aaron Hicks.

John Ryan Murphy has been the Yankees backup catcher to Brian McCann for two seasons now while Hicks has been on and off the Twins bench since the beginning of the 2013 season.

Gary Sanchez is now your backup catcher and Aaron Hicks is your fourth outfielder. Decisions. 


  1. I THINK....most say I'm not capable of that task, but I think the Yankees did a real
    great job today in acquiring...Aaron Hicks, from the Twins. His defense is almost at the
    elite level. With a * gift from God arm.
    ( * Look for highlight videos of his arm / catches tonight. They are out there. )

    I know, as you also, that Gardner's name is all over the place. If done correctly, he will bring
    back a quality talent.

    While your at it, and if the dice are hot....see if you can trade Ellsbury to the Cubs.

    The combo of Gardner / Ellsbury never worked, and then you will have two OF slots
    available to be filled with real offensive mashers.
    Hicks' defense is superior to Gardner, and Ellsbury. Great deal.

    1. Well I guess Hans may have been wrong again when he said Sanchez would never catch a game for the Yankees. Cashman seems to be getting pretty aggressive this offseason .

    2. Let's hope the deals work out for us. Aaron looks like a project for the hitting tandem, hopefully they can get him to hit as he once did.

    3. There is something more going on here. You don't acquire talent that young and that (once) promising to stick them on the bench. Youth movement or not... stay tuned.

    4. I was hoping no one would notice that! It gave me a bad feeling but, we do have Sanchez. He of the big bat and big arm. Let's hope it isn't a one month wonder...although many have said he changed his outlook around this year.

    5. Sanchez has seemingly made a 180 recently, both offensively and defensively. Sanchez was young for about every affiliate he played in until recently, the talent of the league caught up with him. It should have been expected. Now Sanchez has caught back up and is ready to pass the league once again.


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