Thursday, December 24, 2015

If Wei-Yin Chen Goes to Washington and the Nationals Start Selling....

Wei-Yin Chen turned some heads this winter when he told reporters through his agent that he was going to ask for a five-year deal worth at least $100 million this offseason. Many scoffed at the original articles but if you look at his numbers they are at least comparable or even better than Jeff Samardzija's career numbers and Jordan Zimmermann's as well. Chen is American League East tested and has pitched at the top of the Baltimore Orioles rotation for parts of the last two seasons now and that may all bring him to the National League East and to the Washington Nationals who have shown interest in his services as of late.

If the Washington Nationals sign Chen their starting rotation will seemingly be set for the 2016 season leading the team to trade one of their pitchers for starting outfield help. Washington lost Denard Span to free agency and could be interested in one Yankees outfielder, namely Brett Gardner. If you look at a comparable trade piece that makes sense for both sides you see that Gio Gonzalez for Gardner makes a whole lot of sense for both clubs.

After failing to trade for Brandon Phillips the Nationals also seemingly need a second baseman and all signs seem to point to the Yankees having an extra or two. Dustin Ackley and Robert Refsnyder can both play second base and can be thrown in the deal for prospects or a nice bench piece, fill in the blank here because I am far from a Nationals expert. Maybe Danny Espinosa who can play third base, shortstop and second base?

If the Nationals sign Chen they are likely going to start selling to fill another hole. Whether that fills their second base hole, their outfield hole or their closer hole the Yankees can help with all three. It just depends on how much Washington wants to sweeten the pot for Brian Cashman. I do know one thing for sure though, I am rooting for the Nationals to sign Chen now more so than ever.

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