Tuesday, December 8, 2015

J.J. Cooper Talks Rule 5 Draft and Yankees Jake Cave

J.J. Cooper does an absolutely tremendous job over at Baseball America and talked Rule 5 Draft this week as we prepare for the actual draft at the end of the week. Cooper, in the free article seen HERE, takes a look at if the 2015 Rule 5 Draft can come anywhere close to the historic Rule 5 Draft that came in 2014. Cooper also showcases many Rule 5 Draft eligible prospects including one member of the Yankees specifically, Jake Cave.

Here is Cooper's write-up on Cave:

Jake Cave, of, Yankees (23): Cave is more of a well-rounded outfielder than toolsy, but he’s a lefthanded hitting center fielder who could entice a team looking for an inexpensive fourth outfielder. He runs well and has gap power but has lacked the selectivity to produce enough to get protected.

Many thought of Cave as a Taylor Dugas, Mason Williams, Ben Gamel, Slade Heathcott and many others clone but it seems like Cooper may disagree. The words "well-rounded" and not "toolsy" speaks volumes to me and makes me think Cave is gone as well.

Cooper also talks the prospect that I personally want to see the Yankees take, leading to a DFA of Brendan Ryan, from the New York Mets, TJ Rivera.

T.J. Rivera, 2b, Mets (27): He’s not a particularly sexy pick but Rivera always hits. He has hit .338 combined over the past two years at Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Las Vegas and he has a career .318 batting average. Combine that with defensive versatility—he’s stretched at shortstop but he can play anywhere in the infield—he’s worth looking at as a potentially inexpensive utility infielder.

He's 27 years old but he has hit at Double-A and Triple-A, can play all infield positions and it gets rid of Ryan. Win, win if you ask me. Eat the million bucks.

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