Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twitter Poll: Asdrubal Cabrera or Robert Refsnyder?

Since this is now a redundant post that I had scheduled for tomorrow... yeah... here you go for reference.

Brian Cashman could possibly be on the verge of upsetting the masses once again by signing a second baseman to a lucrative contract that has no business being on the roster. Two years ago it was Brian Roberts, almost out of necessity, while last year it was Stephen Drew. This year it could be Asdrubal Cabrera who the Yankees are said to be interested in according to multiple reports, but why? Why do the Yankees have that little confidence in Robert Refsnyder and why do they make it so blatantly obvious to both him and the fans? Or maybe the fans would welcome Cabrera on a one-year deal, who knows? Sounds like an idea for the return of the Twitter Poll:

The bag was more mixed than I thought it would be. I still don’t buy it though and I said as much in the responses on twitter. Cabrera is marginal offensively and marginal defensively, at worst so is Refsnyder. Cabrera will either plateau statistically, and he wasn’t exactly great in 2015, or decline while the sky is the limit for Refsnyder. Sure Cabrera is a former shortstop and sure he is a switch hitter but he’s also been working in the infield a lot longer than Refsnyder has and he’s still terrible defensively in my opinion.

Get it trending ladies and gents, #FREEREFSNYDER

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