Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Drug Added to MLB’s Approved List

All this talk of drugs around Major League Baseball makes me feel uneasy, especially when the league is actually adding drugs to the approved list like they did this week. I just feel like with the technology we have today and the lack of blood testing, although there is more than ever, that things can be masked and made to look like other drugs. The drug that was added to the approved list, although you still need an approval through Major League Baseball, is a drug that treats gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is the swelling of male breast tissue and is often referred to as “man boobs.” Please be nice in the comments section. This disease is treated with the same drugs that Manny Ramirez failed a steroid test for back in 2009 and the same drug that many major league players have been linked to since drug testing was implemented and the Mitchell Report.

These estrogen suppressors are used as an alternative to surgery to treat a disease that surprisingly about half of all men suffer from. Steroids users have long used drugs that suppress or stop the flow of estrogen and they are used as the end of a steroid cycle to help the body regain its ability to produce testosterone naturally.

The player who received the exemption for this drug was not named in the report. 

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