Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick Hit: Juan Uribe for the Yankees Bench?

The New York Yankees are getting younger and their getting more versatile this offseason thanks to a plan put in place by the team’s GM Brian Cashman. Cashman has added Starlin Castro to the Yankees infield to seemingly shore up the starting infield but the trade also created a bit of a hole on the bench. The Yankees included infielder Brendan Ryan in the deal as a player to be named later leaving the Yankees without a suitable third base option off the bench. I know this doesn’t make the team any younger but it does make the team more versatile and much better in my opinion, would it make sense for New York to sign Juan Uribe?

Uribe can hold his own at third base, especially when it comes to just an occasional day off the bench to give Chase Headley a breather, and can also play the outfield adequately. Uribe can play second base or first base as well but that would be a Plan C or below option only, he’s not great there. Last season between three teams Uribe hit 14 home runs as a part-time player and was part of that New York Mets squad that went all the way to the World Series in 2015. He’s clutch, he can play the positions the Yankees need, and he can hit for right-handed power off the Yankees bench thus improving the team’s lineup against left-handed starting pitching.

The Yankees could always use Castro at third but that mindset is less than ideal since he has only played in seven games there, all in the minor leagues. Playing in the minor leagues is a lot different than playing in the Major Leagues and not that I don’t think Castro could handle it but having an option you know you can trust that can also fill in the gaps elsewhere is ideal for any team, especially this team.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Sign Juan Uribe to a one-year deal and put him on the Yankees bench. He wouldn’t command much money and the Yankees already have a 40 man roster spot open.

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