Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Call Me Crazy But How About Ian Desmond On a One Year Deal?

This is a crazy thought so go ahead and call me crazy, I can take it. It is crazy but this is also The Greedy Pinstripes, not the fiscally responsible pinstripes, and the offseason is the time to dream. The sky is the limit in the offseason and almost every team is optimistic right about now, why not the Yankees as well? The Yankees roster is just about set with just a few spring training competitions to go down at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa this spring but New York could take one of those spring competitions away with one Ninja Cashman, out of left field and really freaking crazy signing that actually works. Sign Ian Desmond?

Desmond is listed as a shortstop according to Baseball Reference but he does have very limited time at second base and right field as well. Desmond, list most shortstops, are extremely athletic and has a strong throwing arms meaning that Desmond learning third base is not out of the realm of possibility and neither is a transition, at least on a part-time basis, to first base. Desmond could conceivably play any position in the Yankees infield other than catcher and truly give the Yankees a complete infield and bench.

Sure Desmond would eat up the first round draft pick of the Yankees and sure he would likely command a substantial AAV on a one-year deal but he sure does make the team a whole lot better in my opinion on both the offensive and defensive side of the baseball and that's all that should matter at the end of the day.

Sure Robert Refsnyder could be that guy, you all know by now that I prefer that scenario to come to fruition, but the Yankees have shown little to no interest in him at the major league level. Desmond pacifies the organization and pacifies the fans due to being a big name and an upgrade over what the team has. I don't think it's going to happen and I don't necessarily want it to happen as a fan but hey, it could happen.


  1. IAN DESMOND...mentioned today by site mogul Daniel, as a crazy target
    for this years Yankees squad. Crazy may not be strong enough.
    I hate to disagree again, but read'em, and weep.

    Desmond made $11 million in 2015, and will want a multi-year contract
    reflecting last years earnings. Try selling that to ownership.

    Desmond's BA has gone down every year since 2012.
    From .292 in 2012, to a spiralling down .233 in 2015.

    The only thing that has gone up are his strike-outs.
    From 113K in 2012, to a 187K in 2015.

    When the heat went out in the Volvo this AM, all else went out
    the window also.

    *** Oh!...and he would cost a first round draft pick. DUH?
    Only Hans would give this one a thumbs up.

    1. Well I did say in the article that I didn't want it to happen nor did I think it was going to happen. It's just an idea.

      And no one is knocking down his door on a multi year deal for the reasons you stated above. You can't knock a guy and then tell me he is going to sign a multi year deal worth big money.

  2. SPEAKING OF HANS...the blogging bully who runs off screaming into the
    night if one disagrees with him.

    I'm driving today, on the Grand Central Parkway, listening to the radio.
    When out of the corner of my eye, I see that I'm driving past
    Creedmoor Psych Center. Not so strangely, I found that funny.
    Not that I was driving past a mental institution, but that I could
    visualize Hans screaming from the sixth floor window.

    They were probably trying unsuccessfully, to try to teach him
    how to spell.

    He can't beat many people up wearing a straight jacket.
    Still laughing.

  3. I don't think I would do it, Daniel...
    I'll think about giving up a #16th draft pick for a front line young pitcher but not for a one year guy that has really not played much 2nd base. Refsy could be a better hitter and fielder than he is IF given half a chance.

    1. I'm in full agreement. Sometimes as a blogger I like to play devils advocate and throw out ideas that's I don't necessarily agree with just to see what everyone else thinks. You know I'm all for that draft pick.

    2. Daniel...
      I do the same thing many times.
      #16 Draft Picks don't come around every year.
      Which reminds me, for those fans out there that have said our draft picks had been bad for years and wish "The Stick" was making the picks...I have news for you, he was involved in most of the picks and many signings for the last 15+ years as a consultant to Cashman. I always forget that point, but it just goes to show one how much of a crap shoot Drafting players really is.


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