Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fantasy Baseball: Who are the Colorado Rockies?

We’re about 30 days or so away from pitchers and catchers reporting to their various teams spring training camps which means we are about 30 days away from Fantasy Baseball season and your Fantasy Baseball draft. I personally like to do the draft a little closer to April so you know when you’re drafting who is injured, who looks like they are going to make the team and who is going to find themselves without a club to start the season but that’s just me and to each their own. With this in mind this is why I find myself starting earlier and earlier on my draft preparations and Fantasy Baseball advice blog posts, a blog post like the one below covering the Colorado Rockies.

In this post we won’t cover Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, D.J. LeMahieu or Carlos Gonzalez as they are primetime Fantasy Baseball players but we will cover a few sleepers and a few players that can bring you home a league championship. Players like the recently acquired Gerardo Parra, the multiple position eligible power hitting Mark Reynolds and Jose Reyes.

Parra landed a nice deal with Colorado after having a career season with the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles in 2015. Parra posted career highs in batting average, .291, home runs, 14, and runs scored with 83 and those numbers should improve in the thin air inside Coors Field. Another hitter who should see vast improvements in his power numbers is Reynolds who is your stereotypical home run or nothing type hitter. Reynolds, who is eligible at first base and third base, is going to strike out 200 times a season and is going is hit about .230 with marginal defense at both positions but he has true 20-30 home run power, especially in Coors Field, over the course of a season.

Reyes did not seem very comfortable nor very happy in Colorado last season after his trade from the Toronto Blue Jays. Now he’s facing a potential suspension from his arrest on domestic violence charges and could be one of the first to be suspended under MLB’s domestic violence policy. What does this mean for you? Reyes may go down to the final round or two in your draft, especially if you draft before the suspensions are announced. Even in a down year he could provide true value for a shortstop or second baseman, especially with your last pick or two. If his suspension is lengthy you can always place him on the waiver wire without losing much from your core squad but if the suspension is, say, 25 games you could get the steal of your 2016 Draft.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I hope this helps you dominate the later rounds of your draft. Enjoy and good luck. 

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