Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Mets, Antonio Bastardo and Another Reason the Justin Wilson Trade was a Bad Idea

The New York Yankees traded away Justin Wilson to the Detroit Tigers this offseason for two starting pitching prospects Chad Green and Luis Cessa. The reasoning we the fans were given as a reason for it was so that the Yankees could have some depth at starting pitching in Scranton going forward and because Wilson was hitting the years of arbitration eligibility that tend to get a little expensive. Well the dust has settled and Wilson’s arbitration case has settled as well giving the Yankees a clear idea of just how expensive he is but the team also has an idea of just how much of a bargain he was as well. Let me explain.

All winter long I have compared free agent relief pitcher Antonio Bastardo to Wilson and used those comparisons to decide whether the move was a good one or not for the Yankees. If you look at their stats, ages and such they are almost an identical clone down to the fact that both even throw from the left side of the pitching rubber. The striking difference between these two pitchers though will be their salaries in 2016. Wilson agreed to a deal with the Tigers worth $1.5 million to avoid arbitration while Bastardo recently signed with the Mets, again with a comparable age, stats and track record, on a two-year deal worth $12 million.

So you have similar players statistically but you have a $4.5 million difference in salary, tell me why the Yankees traded him again? Oh yeah for a marginal starting pitching prospect and a guy that is considered to be an organizational prospect. How could I forget?

Bastardo heads into 2016 fresh off posting a 4-1 record with a 2.98 ERA and one save for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Bastardo struck out 64 batters and issued 26 walks in just 57.1 innings pitched while helping Pittsburgh claims their third consecutive playoff spot. 


  1. We got chapman instead... stop complaining

    1. If you have read my work other than this you know that I'm far from complaining. It's not like one move led to another. When the Cubs signed Zobrist they immediately traded Castro. This deal came weeks after Wilson was traded.

      Still not complaining but this had all the makings of a terrible trade and Cash got lucky the Dodgers backed out of the trade for Chapman.

  2. Daniels point is not to be Bitching about money and then make moves against that idea. Especially when the "will become expensive" we are talking about 1.5 million dollars.

    1. Especially when a comparable player in every sense of the word got triple that.

  3. CESPEDES...I'll end here with these few sentences.

    As late as this past Thursday, 1/20, evening....Cespedes' group
    called the Yankees asking if they wanted to jump in on a three
    year deal.
    Cespedes apparently had an awakening, that NYC is the very best city,
    for an Hispanic player to play in. But he must be allowed to leave
    after the first year if someone offers a big multi year contract.
    For a team like.... the Padres. At that point San Diego will be the best
    city for Hispanics.

    Does he think everyone in this country is as blind, and dumb, as the Mets ? Probably so.

    1. Calling the Yankees is just a negotiating tactic. If the Yankees had any interest whatsoever they wouldn't have had to call them. Yankees don't call Roc Nation. And they know why too.

  4. DAVID WELLS, always loved his humor. Still do.

    David is in trouble with the NYC PC'ers. He's now a racist because
    of what he put on Twitter.

    David said..."playing golf with my son Steve, and ex-NHL player,
    Jeremy Roenick.....Jeremy has two holes he lipped out, we call them
    Kardashian putts. Nothing white goes in the hole."

    Funny, sure. Racist ? Get a life.

    1. I didn't see much racism there but I'm not as sensitive to the subject as most. Opportunist I think is the word you used little p. Some ppl sit around with the racism card in their hand like a draw four card in uno. Just waiting for the right spot.

  5. YIKES!...Is it spring yet ?

    My town got hit with 26" of snow this Saturday. Which meant that
    Sunday, was shovel day. Advil, and Coors Light solved that.

    Should have gone to Key West. Sitting at the bar in Jimmy Buffet's place, with Anne Marie, would have been the better choice over shoveling.

    Only one 'sort of rumor' today, and that's it. This one says the Calif. Angels are the best fit for a Gardner trade. No other names mentioned.
    One should not hold their breath.

    Tonight I'll watch the Clinton / Sanders debate. In the hopes that
    one of them will pull a gun on the other. Sanders would probably
    apologize to her if he shot her..." sorry madam Secretary."
    Clinton would deny she had shot Sanders. " Blame the 1%."

    1. That's not a rumor patrick, that's speculation. I assume you are referring to Nick Cafardo's piece on how the Yankees should trade Gardner to LA?

      LA wants a power hitting outfielder and they don't want to go over the cap. Not sure if Gardner exactly fits that mold.

    2. ELLIJAY DAN...You read too fast, just like old Ken.
      You guys miss more than what you process. Been meaning to bring that up for a while.

      I said it was a...'sort of rumor.' Sort of / kinda.
      Not sure of it's origin, but not Cafardo.

      Trade them both, Ellsbury & Gardner, and this team will really
      start to take shape.

    3. Patrick you young whipper snapper! Who said I could read? Be respectful of your elders.
      You damn kids nowadays, no respect!
      I always wanted to say that stuff...LOL

      I am a big fan of Brett but, IF it makes the team better...go for it!

    4. Not sure how I read too fast when I asked if you were referring to Nick Cafardo's piece.... I was quite cautious with my question.

  6. HANS CAN WIN, and have his way....if he is a real man.

    What ? Huh ? Like, what does that mean, man ?

    It means this, And I mean it.
    A week from this Sunday, is 'Long Beach Polar Bear Day.'
    Grown men, real ass kickers, and bedroom thrillers...dive into the
    Atlantic Ocean to prove they are a man. The girls on the beach only can dream of latching onto you. Long Beach girls, want only the best.

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    We'll do this, over and over, until one throws in the towel...or in his case, the thong.

    If I lose...I will leave forever. Gone.
    Maybe to re-start a Yankee Fans Unite site? And, vote for Bernie Sanders.
    Then you can bond with old Ken. He will teach you how to spell.

    If I win ?...It will be a long drive back to Jersey, nude. We keep your clothes.

    Eleven more days Hans, and you may not have to deal with me again !
    You will be the honcho.
    Go for it. Trunks ?

    1. That's actually a pretty awesome idea... until he tries to drown you.

    2. Daniel, you forget, Patrick is a Navy man. They have gills like a fish! LOL


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