Saturday, February 13, 2016

Will Ronald Torreyes Get a Shot This Time?

The New York Yankees have acquired infielder Ronald Torreyes twice already this offseason after being designated for assignment, once from the Los Angeles Dodgers and once from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Will they designate him for assignment two different times in the same offseason or will Torreyes finally get a shot in a Yankees uniform this spring? 

Torreyes is no stranger to up and leaving a city and starting over fresh somewhere else as he played with the Houston Astros, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Dodgers during the 2015 season alone. What he isn’t used to is getting steady playing time and the feeling of security that comes along with being an established player. All told Torreyes hit .261/.308/.347 with four home runs and 36 RBI last season but more importantly for the Yankees he did that while playing second base, third base, shortstop and all over the outfield. Torreyes can play almost anywhere and the Yankees have needs at most of those positions, especially at third base and shortstop. I know Brian Cashman wants to leave the final bench spot wide open as a revolving door but when Torreyes can fill the shoes of three or four different guys I’m wondering why you even bother wasting those minor league options if you don’t have to.  

While Torreyes may never be the batter I think Robert Refsnyder is going to grow up to be he does show at least some promise with his bat and is not an automatic out at the major league level. Torreyes simply does not strike out, he’s only struck out 160 times in 2,758 professional plate appearances, and more importantly he makes good contact as well. He’s what the Yankees thought they were getting in Brendan Ryan except for the fact that the bat and his medical history are light years ahead of what Ryan’s are in these days and time. He’s a solid player and while he may not lead the team in jersey’s sold next season he can be a great depth piece to add to the club, the only question is whether the Yankees will utilize his versatility or not and watch him as he grows into a Major League player. 

Teams like the 1996 Yankees were not built on stars, they were built on depth and all players filling their roles and filling them well. The team didn’t have the best players or the highest payroll they just had a bunch of good players that molded together well and went on to win a championship. Torreyes won’t win the World Series on paper and alone he won’t win it for the team in reality but I truly think he can really help this team, he just has to be given the opportunity. 

Cashman, are you listening?

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