Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carlos Beltran Wants to Play Two More Seasons

ESPN's Wallace Matthews has the access to the New York Yankees players that I wish I had and I ultimately strive to have. This is why he is an information gatherer and reporter that doesn't need to use his opinion to create content for a blog and why I enjoy doing what I do. If it weren't for people like Matthews, who recently interviewed Yankees right fielder Carlos Beltran down at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, we wouldn't know that Beltran wants to play for at least one more season after his current Yankees contract expires.

According to the interview Beltran stated that his goal was to reach the magical 20 years mark in Major League Baseball. Beltran broke into the league in 1998 with the Kansas City Royals and has spent time with the New York Mets, Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals before coming to the Bronx with the New York Yankees. If Beltran wants to play in 2017 you would think he would have to settle for a DH position in the American League after his defense and his defensive metrics have taken a hit in recent years.

Beltran finished the 2015 season with a .276/.337/.471 triple slash with 19 home runs showing the league that there is nothing wrong with his aging bat. If he can stay healthy and effective through 2016 there is no reason he won't get a job in 2017 as a DH, it just seems unlikely that this job will come with the Yankees as they have Alex Rodriguez under contract for one more season at the position in 2017.

A lot can happen between then and now though so stay tuned.

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