Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yankees Sign 10-Year Old Born Without Hands or Legs to One-Day Contract

The New York Yankees strike again as they lead the charge not only on the field but off the field as well. A 10-year old boy named Landis Sims was born without hands or lower legs but that did not stop him from realizing his dream to be a member of the New York Yankees. The team, often called the “Evil Empire” by some in Boston and around the country, signed Sims to a one-day contract this week and invited him to spring training game. The fourth grader watched some of his idols take batting practice and participate in spring camps as a part of the team.

Sims uses a prosthetic, which dons Derek Jeter’s #2 by the way, to play second base in his school in Elizabeth, Indiana and doesn’t let his 4’7” frame slow him down. Landis uses a football shinguard in his glove to field and uses a prosthetic attachment to help him hold the bat while hitting and even played Little League in recent years with the devices.

The best part of it all though? Besides being an inspiration, making a few people cry and living out his lifelong dream? He received a signed bat from Alex Rodriguez that was signed “to a great teammate.” From one inspiration to another. Well done New York, well done. 


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  3. That picture reminds me of that deal the Yankees have every year with the kids for the day and the same with the Make A Wish program...I have drawn a blank for the name for those two events held every year.

    Anyhow, I was impressed when I kept seeing pictures of Cisco and A-Rod in so many of them. Come to find out the two of them stayed long after most of the stars had gone home and talked and had pictures with the kids long past the time everything was over, the kids loved it.
    The thing was I ran across the story and pictures about a week (+/-) later and the story was all about the two of them and the kids having so much fun. And what struck me the most was they really looked like they were having fun with the kids and the other time on the Make a Wish thing with the sick kid. A-Rod may be many things but he will help those that need help at any time. Look what he did with Didi last year, and Brett this year and before that Milkey and Cano...although they opted out because A-Rods workout was too much for them.


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