Thursday, March 3, 2016

Luis Cessa Opening Eyes in Yankees Camp

I have to admit that I was one of many to be pretty down on the New York Yankees when they traded left-handed reliever Justin Wilson to the Detroit Tigers for prospects. Like we do with every new arrival, and especially with prospects, we did our research and introduced you to them in our Meet a Prospect series of posts but I have to admit I was pretty down on the return for Wilson. The Yankees got a pair of right-handed starters for Wilson in Chad Green and Luis Cessa and I went as far as to call Green an organizational prospect while I left Cessa completely off my radar during Prospects Month. Cessa is seemingly taking this personally and is opening some eyes finally in Yankees camp.

I say finally because Cessa has been traded multiple times in his young career and no one seemingly knows what to do with him. Cessa was first traded to Detroit in the deal that sent Yoenis Cespedes to the New York Mets and was again traded back to New York in the deal that sent Wilson out of Yankee Stadium so there is obviously some talent there and intrigue that I apparently missed. There is talent with Cessa, no one ever denied that, but his potential hang up may surround the question of whether he is a starting pitcher or a reliever in his future. The Yankees acquired him hoping for some pitching depth in the rotation at Triple-A and thus far, and granted it’s extremely early I know, he hasn’t done anything to make the team think that won’t be the case.

You have to remember and keep in mind that during Cessa’s first two professional season with the Mets under then GM Omar Minaya the right-hander was an infielder trying to break through in New York. After struggling in his first two seasons to the tune of a .178/.319/.229 triple slash the Mets did with Cessa what the Yankees should have done, in my opinion, with Cito Culver and turned him into a pitcher. Cessa has since made 86 minor league starts since the 2011 season, his first as a pitcher, and has produced solid numbers for as raw as he is. Cessa has struck out 419 batters and walked 110 in 513.2 innings pitched and has showcased great command on both sides of the plate. Cessa can throw his 93 MPH fastball whenever and wherever he wants and compliments that with a changeup, slider and curve ball combination.

What’s been opening eyes is the addition or tweaking of one of his pitches, Cessa has been seen throwing a slurve this spring. No matter what pitch he throws Cessa is a strike thrower and has shown an extreme durability in his career as a pitcher, something that may be all the more important in the Bronx in 2016. Cessa, I doubted you at first and I apologize. Now consider me rooting for you. Good luck!


  1. WISTFUL REFLECTIONS....on this Republican debate night.

    Wistful is a word guys can use. Even pointman Reed.
    I wish I had a dollar for every time I went to MLB Trade Rumors
    this off season. A thousand times...maybe ? I'm nuts.

    Nice to see Ken Hans back. We are a better team with him in our ranks.

    Rock the town tonight...Donald Trump.

    1. Well, Patrick we had to part ways someday, I guess this is it...Trump, for gods sake!
      Ted Cruz is much better and a true Conservative...but then again I don't have to worry much about the things that can go wrong with this country if the socialists win.
      Just make sure you vote in November.

    2. I watched the debate Thursday night. It felt a whole lot like High School, or the darker ages of this blog. All the bickering and name callings. "little Rubio" yeah I turned it off early. I'm not one for the drama. I read the recap and got the high points this morning and my head doesn't hurt.

    3. KENNETH.....Parting ways? Don't be silly.

      I also, am a tremendous Ted Cruz follower. More so than
      Donald Trump in some ways. But it comes down to one
      In my mind, Ted Cruz can not defeat the Clinton women. Sorry.
      Trump can, and very well may.
      Obama, our worst president, knew nothing when elected...a bit
      of spit, and polish, and media make over...still a jerk

      Trump could use some polish also, but he can win. Cruz, and the others can not, and will be eaten alive by the Clinton media.

      Cruz would make a wonderful VP. In politics, things
      can change on a dime. I know you know that.
      Stay well.

    4. If we really wanted a good president we would elect "The Doctor". But, that is life. So, anyhow I don't think Trump can beat the "Lady in the Orange Jump Suit", he has no idea what is going to hit him.
      I always tell my Boss, the Dem's would vote for the Devil just because there is a "D" after the name. She starts out with about 43% of the vote as it is.
      But, that's for you guys to live with...I am quitting. If she gets elected. I'll move to New Zeeland and pick-up my money on the way.

      I watched it and the only one on that stage that knew and did answer the questions with a plain was Ted Cruz. When everyone was asked to give their idea "in total" Ted gave his answer very well...the other two just gave lip service and didn't really answer the questions.
      Whoever the person of those three guys will get support from all Reps' or better...we are lost if not.


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