Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nolan Arenado Is One Guy You Sell the Farm For!

If the New York Yankees need a third baseman and the Colorado Rockies start shopping theirs, Nolan Arenado, he may be one of the exceptions that you sell the farm for. No flashy introduction to this post and no creative little tie in here, straight to the meat and potatoes. Arenado is a leader and a hell of a ball player and he is one guy I am giving up Jorge Mateo and/or Aaron Judge for. He’s that special.

The New York Yankees have very little in the way of third base depth right now down on the farm with Chase Headley leading the way in the major leagues and Robert Refsnyder looking like his Opening Day backup. The trades of Rob Segedin and Eric Jagielo have left the Yankees a little thin at the position but that can all be made right again if Arenado becomes available in the near future. And no, I’m not saying he is available and there’s no possible way for me to know if he will ever become available, I’m just preparing for the day if he is.

Look, Colorado is a small market team that doesn’t look like it’s going to compete before Arenado gets expensive. The team has shown a willingness to spend before, see the Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki contracts of recent years, but the team may also be a little gun shy since neither of them truly worked out for the organization all that well.

Arenado, Coors Field or not, is an absolute beast. He hit 42 home runs last season in a league that is zapped of its power and has hit over .600 for much of this spring. While spring training stats are meaningless in the grand scheme of things a .600 batting average and 1.662 OPS in any sample size is impressive. What’s most important maybe is the fact that this spring Arenado has struck out just twice all spring at the time of this writing, twice in almost 40 at bats.

Arenado has played in less than three seasons and already has three Gold Glove Awards on his mantle and has led every third baseman in almost every defensive category since breaking into the league. He does it on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive side of the ball, in the locker room by all accounts and interviews of his former teammates and coaches and he does it off the field as well. He does it in Coors Field, 20 home runs in 2015, and out of Coors Field, 22 home runs in 2015, and he is just good or spectacular at almost literally everything. It’s impressive and it’s worth emptying the farm for if that opportunity ever comes up. Those are just my two pennies on the situation though, what are yours? Leave them below in the comments. 


  1. Best Third baseman In Baseball Period!

  2. Best Third baseman In Baseball Period!

  3. Easily. If the Yankees ever got him they would probably cancel the World Series just on principal.


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