Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quick Hit: Derek Jeter to Join MLB, the Rays and President Obama in Cuba for Exhibition

Major League Baseball is preparing a historical and significant trip to the island country of Cuba this month and they are bringing some big shots with them. When it was announced that the Tampa Bay Rays would face off with the Cuban National Team in Havana on March 22 of this season the President of the United States Barack Obama almost immediately threw his name in the hat and booked a seat along for the ride with the league and the Rays and now a notable baseball legend is coming as well. His name is Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter will join a group headlined by Cuban greats Luis Tiant and Jose Cardenal as a part of the first exhibition in Cuba since 1999.This will mark Jeter's first major public appearance since he retirement in 2014 and speculation has already begun as to why Jeter wants to go. The main speculation is that Jeter wants to one day own a MLB team, but again that is simply speculation. Jeter will be joined by MLB personnel including former manager Joe Torre. 

This was already going to be epic but that just got taken up by about ten notches, at least. 

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