Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ridiculously Early MLB All-Star Game Voting is Open!

Here we are on May 1st of the 2016 MLB season and the All-Star Game voting has already been open for a few days. This is open ridiculously early but this is far from a new thing for the league. This can open up the debate of whether the game should mean anything and whether a popularity contest should determine home-field advantage in the World Series but we will save that for June or July, and then again in September and October, and simply leave you with the link to vote for Chase Headley, Jacoby Ellsbury and Austin Romine.

CLICK HERE to vote up to 35 times per email address so if you truly want to throw a monkey wrench into this whole equation and get something changed before the new CBA vote for Headley on every email address you have or can make until next month.


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