Friday, June 3, 2016

The Case For and Against Trading Nathan Eovaldi

If you’re going to trade Carlos Beltran this summer, and we made the case for and against any hypothetical or potential trade earlier today on the blog, then you also have to at least consider trading Nathan Eovaldi as well, right? Eovaldi is one of the few young, tradeable and attractive pieces the Yankees could potentially move this summer but a trade of the man some on this blog nicknamed the “Water Pistol” would come with some haters and some supporters like anything else. In this blog we will look to compile a list of pros and cons to trading Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Eovaldi this summer to see if it ultimately makes sense for the Yankees.

The case for trading Eovaldi:
Teams like the Chicago Cubs have reportedly already talked about acquiring Eovaldi and boy would I like to dip into their deep farm system. 

Eovaldi was also discussed in a trade this winter and I believe the right-hander from Texas could bring a substantial amount back with one-plus years of team control remaining. 

The Yankees aren’t going anywhere in 2017 with a team full of flaws. No matter how good the pitching is you can’t win a game without scoring a run. If Yogi Berra didn’t say that then he should have. 

The case against trading Eovaldi:
The Yankees are in the thick of things in a crowded chase for a second Wild Card spot in the American League. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be in the dance with a chance to catch fire at the right time than sitting on my couch watching in October. 

The Yankees admit defeat and admit they are rebuilding with this trade, something the organization has been seemingly unwilling to do to date. 

Unless New York turns Eovaldi into an absolute haul this makes the trade of Martin Prado, the suffering through of Stephen Drew, and the disrespect of Robert Refsnyder look all that more blatant. 

He’s still young enough to extend and build around when we have a new-look team in 2018 and 2019. 

Eovaldi is signed through 2017. 

I, as a fan, simply don’t want to trade him. 

If there is even a minute chance that the Yankees could make a second half run and get hot heading into the postseason I can’t bring myself to agree to trading Eovaldi. It may make the most sense, truth be told, but my fandom gets in the way of my writing sometimes. If there isn’t a chance this season or next then it makes too much sense not to trade him. I’m torn, what say you?


  1. With the future rotation a fairly big question mark (Severino, Kaprielian, maybe Tanaka, ???, ???), I think trading a way Eovaldi would be stupid. Unless, like you pointed out, it's for a huge haul.

    Say he got an Ian Kennedy-type deal for 2017 (5 years/$70 million). That's $14m a year through his age 31 season. And I think it's safe to pencil him into at least the bottom of the rotation. Why not?

  2. Evo for IPK? You have got to be kidding right?
    IPK is a NL pitcher and once more through the AL and his numbers will go up, is what some say. I believed when he was with us he was a good guy out of the BP or a #4/5 starter. BP only because he could drive the hitters crazy with his off speed stuff for an inning or three (one time through). As it is he is avg. only 5+ innings a start...that is not someone better than EVO.

    1. Reed you're killing me! Lol. He said give him an ipk type extension. I'd start there, but wouldn't mind going higher. These guys make ridiculous cash.

    2. That they do Daryl, all for playing a kids game...albeit very well!
      You hurt my feelings Daryl, that was one of the few times I disagree with Bryan...I just had to do it! LOL

    3. That type of money sounds good to me, every year he has gotten better and better.
      I have one question, though, what makes anyone think he would accept such a deal when we are losers. Me, I would go where it is a chance of playoffs a the minimum!
      But, I do agree Bryan! LOL


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