Tuesday, June 7, 2016

USA Today Weekly MLB Power Rankings

The New York Yankees up and down roller coaster season continued this week leaving their fans and the rest of the league more confused than they were last time we checked these rankings out. The Yankees play the tough teams tough and they lay down against the mediocre teams, unless it’s Toronto they just lay down against them no matter what, leading to another likely fall in the rankings and a fall in the standings. Let’s check out just how far the mighty are falling again this week.

This is a Yankees blog so I won’t keep you waiting long, the Yankees fell zero spots from the 19th position last week to finish 19th overall. Not good but could have been a lot worse in my opinion. Speaking of falling the biggest fall of the week overall went to the Kansas City Royals who fell three spots from the 10th position to finish 13th overall. Again, not good. One team did pretty well this week though and garnered the honor of the biggest rise this week, the Houston Astros. The Astros rose a whopping seven spots this week from the #25 position to finish the week ranked 18th overall.

There are other teams that continue to do well this season and in the rankings and the Top 5 of that bunch are the #1 Chicago Cubs, the San Francisco Giants, the Texas Rangers, the Washington Nationals and the #5 Boston Red Sox. For every good though we have to go back to the bad and the five worst teams according to the rankings are the #26 Oakland Athletics, the #27 San Diego Padres, the #28 Cincinnati Reds, the #29 Atlanta Braves and the #30 Minnesota Twins.

It’s June and the rising and falling of positions are getting smaller and smaller. We’re not seeing as many teams rising eight or nine spots in a week nor are we seeing teams free falling from the top of the rankings either. It’s called sample size and it’s beginning to become a thing this season. It’s becoming a thing just in time to be shook up a bit anyway by the August 1st trade deadline but until then you can now start trusting in these rankings. They are starting to paint the picture that is the 2016 regular season. 

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