Sunday, July 24, 2016

August 1st Trade Deadline Countdown Open Thread

Ladies and gentleman things are about to get interesting. As we sit here on July 24th we have just a week to go before the August 1st trade deadline. Will the Yankees buy? Will the Yankees be sellers? Will the Yankees stand pat and try their luck again at the much less convenient waiver trade deadline of August 31st? A lot of that will depend on the way this week goes.

Truth be told I thought the Yankees would be buried right now after starting the second half with series with the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants but the team has come out swinging and swinging with all hands on deck. Now with one week to go the decision to buy or less is all the more murky.

In the next week the Yankees will face off with the Houston Astros for three games before taking an off day on Thursday and before finishing the month down in Tampa Bay against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees schedule all of a sudden has the ability to make the team want to be buyers... but will they?

That's the question I leave with you tonight in this open thread for the finale of the weekend. Enjoy.


  1. Sands are passing quickly through the hour glass........keep your
    fingers crossed.

    I've been to the Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington baseball media sites.
    All three are saying that the others ( Them )..are going to get
    Yankee pitcher Chapman. They hate each other. They are nuts.
    We are no better.

    So be smart !

    Trade Chapman to one of the others....Not the Cubs.

    Let the Cubs go into the " We must get a special player, or else....funk".

    Their fans will scream for action !... " Not another 100 years!"

    Offer up Miller, and some form AAA package / Gardner, etc...for Schwarber.
    Make it easy for them to swallow the medicine.

    If this trade away happens....the Yankees MUST come up with a prize.
    Or, they have failed their base again.

    I have no more candles, nor confidence.
    This is a big week.

    1. Chapman to the Cubs little p. We got an absolute haul for him too. Maybe we could have gotten better prospects from Washington or Cleveland but we won't ever know for sure if they were willing to part with them. If they were I have to think Chapman would have been traded there.


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