Monday, August 1, 2016

Brian Cashman's Legacy Is Built On 2016 Trade Deadline Moves

The Yankees moves this past week have helped set up the playoff picture in the AL and NL. The Yankees shipped off free agents to be Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran also surprisingly they dealt Andrew Miller who has two years left on his deal. The Yankees ended up making five total trades which are recapped below

Aroldis Chapman to Chicago Cubs for Glebyer Torres, Billy McKinney, Adam Warren and Rashad Crawford
Andrew Miller to Cleveland Indians for Clint Fraizer, Justus Sheffield, J.P. Feyereisen and Ben Heller
Vincente Campos to Arizona Diamondbacks for Tyler Clippard
Carlos Beltran to Texas Rangers for Dillon Tate, Nick Green, and Erik Swanson
Ivan Nova to Pittsburgh Pirates for Two PTBNL

Of the 14 players the Yankees acquired only Adam Warren, and Tyler Clippard will be joining the Major League roster. These moves were made with the future in mind. Clint Fraizer and Gleyber Torres now stand atop the Yankees prospect watch at one and two respectively. Justus Sheffield slots in at number seven and Dillon Tate comes in at number 11.

Many fans and Yankees reporters have been heaping praise on Brian Cashman, and rightfully so. Cashman deserves credit for not only convincing Hal Steinbrenner to sell but also getting top dollar in the trades he made. Cashman is entirely responsible for the flawed roster construction but realized a tear down was needed to compete, throwing around money for free agents is not the way to win anymore. The trades of Miller and Beltran sting. They were likable and had been awesome this year; both were all-stars. The Miller trade hurts the most to me because Miller was signed for relatively cheaply the next two years, I don't like the idea of rebuilding the next two years to get to the stacked free agency class of 2019. 

Many fans have been salivating over what the Yankees rotation and lineup will look like come this time. With arguably a Top-3 farm system they have positioned themselves as a team that could rely on youth to lead them back to the promised land or flip them in a blockbuster trade (looking at you Chris Sale). Through further trades and just natural attrition, it is highly unlikely all 10 prospects are going to make it the show with the team. 

Cashman has been GM since 1998, but these trade deadline moves are what his legacy will be judged on. The success he experienced with the 1990's Yankees dynasty was built off of the farm system put together by Gene "Stick" Michael. He has continued to throw money at big name free agents but has started to change his way of constructing the team. He has rebuilt the farm system through the draft over the past few years and has now moved on to filling it with other high-end talent. If even half of the ten prospects acquired, develop as expected the Yankees will be well positioned for a sustained run of success. Remember, five players built the 1990's dynasty (Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter). Combined with the Yankees current farm system there are plenty of players who could follow in their footsteps.


  1. Now, we have the players to make a deal in the off season for a Game changer PITCHER. There are a few players in the new bunch I wouldn't trade, but with the class and talents we already have plus the new players we have enough for most any pitcher.

    1. Only wrote that in case someone didn't read your complete post, Daniel.

    2. This was written by the very talented Eliot Podgorsky. I wish I wrote this well.

  2. Two Valid Points tonight....

    What the Yankees have done in the past few days is unusual for them,
    and at the same time....wonderful ! Just a fine job by Brian Cashman.
    Sunlight is entering the funeral home.

    My last Irish candle came from Hoboken NJ. It may had helped.
    Why Hoboken ?
    The candles are made by retired Irish nuns.

    My rants can now go by the wayside. Very proud to not have watched any
    of the first 104 games.

    Now,....KEN HANS, where is he ? I'm afraid to speculate.
    But, I will....
    I fear he was given the 'treatment' here, by one who
    thinks he posts from a higher level of intellect. Resulting in the
    fine poster, Hans, being pushed under the bus.
    The man had high energy, and insight. So....what happened ?

  3. *Pictures future outfield of Frazier, Rutherford and Judge* *Runs to change shorts*

    1. I agree Unknown, one can dream of that out field but, I think we may be without one (at least one of them)...I hope not!
      My reasoning is, it seems logical that the Yankees will try an grab a top line pitcher to improve the roster...even though I don't think they will need one. The thing the team has missed this year is hitting, next year they will have a different team on the field and a different starting rotation.

    2. Frazier, Rutherford and Judge (based on projections, scouting reports and a little homer bias thrown in for good measure) is easily the best outfield in all of Major League Baseball and it won't even be close.

      Bryce Harper who?

  4. Vincente Campos was one guy I had high hopes for but he has been injured so often he hasn't had enough innings to show what he has. Of the two (Pineda and he) Vincent had the better stuff and up side (in my opinion)...but that's the trouble with prospects, "some make it and some don't", as Daniel says!

    1. I had high hopes for Campos as well as he's shown a talent for pitching but at the same time he's not one I'm ranting and raving or upset or losing either, you know?

      he was brought in as a starter, converted to a reliever and being stretched out again as a starter with a Tommy John surgery thrown in the mix for good measure. If Clippard can pitch well this season and next I think it's a great trade.


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