Friday, October 14, 2016

My Predictions for the 2016 ALCS

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Ladies and gentleman here we stand with just two American League teams left vying for one shot at the World Series in 2016. The Cleveland Indians won the American League Central this season and swept away the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS to get here while the Toronto Blue Jays won the first American League Wild Card defeating the Baltimore Orioles before taking on the Texas Rangers in the ALDS. Now these two teams stand before each other just four victories away from the World Series. Who takes it home?

We know how each team has fared head-to-head thus far this season and we know how the offense has done against each other’s starting pitcher for the night so it’s time to put up or shut up. Who will represent the American League in the World Series with home field advantage at their backs? I have to go with the Cleveland Indians.

To be completely honest I don’t believe either team is going to run away with this. The Blue Jays starting pitching is probably lacking behind the Indians young starters but the offensive advantage goes to the Blue Jays against almost every team out there. This one may come down to the bullpen and I have to give the slight edge to Cleveland on that. Andrew Miller, and we all know this first hand, is a beast and a beast that can give you two innings if necessary. Terry Francona knows how to navigate the postseason and knows how to handle a bullpen and honestly I think this could be the difference maker in it all.

So I have Cleveland Indians winning this in seven games. It should be fun. 


  1. I agree with you Burch and it will be a Cub and Indian series with the Cubbies breaking the curse.

    1. I can't see anyone stopping the Cubs either.

      How cool would it be to see Andrew Miller vs. Aroldis Chapman in the World Series. Yankees should get a World Series ring for that, hahaha


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