Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Top 10 Prospects for 2017

So for the first time in the history of The Greedy Pinstripes we did not hold Prospects Month here on the blog. Well we kind of like to turn every month into prospects month as I could talk about prospects all day and half the night but we didn’t do it up all fancy like we have in the past. Instead of a daily countdown filling out my prospect list I am just going to give it to you straight, right here and right now, before the beginning of the 2017 regular season.

10.  Albert Abreu
9. Dustin Fowler
8. Chance Adams
7. Aaron Judge
6. Justus Sheffield
5.  Jorge Mateo
4. James Kaprielian
3. Blake Rutherford
2. Clint Frazier
1. Gleyber Torres

And there it is. That’s my list. What’s yours? Leave it below in the comments section. Let’s get this discussion going on here again. 


  1. Can't really argue with that list. If anything, I think I might drop Fowler and Abreu out of the top 10 and add Andujar and Montgomery. But really, it's a toss up. All four are worthy of being in the top 10. I also might switch Rutherford and Frazier. Maybe not though. Frazier is knocking on the door, and Rutherford is still in A ball.

    1. This just goes to show you how absolutely deep the Yankees system is getting when you have interchangeable parts all throughout the Top 15 or so.

      I wanted to put Rutherford higher but I can't put him, a High School player who just got drafted, in front of a guy who is considered a top prospect in all of MLB and a prospect who reached AAA in 2016.

      Also I don't think I have to tell you how I feel about Jordan Montgomery. Him and Andujar are probably #10 and #11 on the list. They, again, are interchangeable with Abreu and Fowler. It's really picking names out of a hat at this point.

    2. Picking names out of a hat at #9 and #10 is indeed a nice problem to have. As far as Rutherford goes, how about a #2a and#2b? I agree it's hard to place him above Frazier, but I expect big things from him. He absolutely destroyed rookie ball last year. He's also solidly in the top 40 prospects (#37 I think) after only half a season of pro ball.

  2. This is mine Daniel...

    10. Albert Abreu (RHP)
    9. Aaron Judge (RF)
    8. Domingo Acevedo (RHSP/BP)
    7. Chance Adams (RHSP/BP)
    6. Justus Sheffield (LHSP)
    5. Jorge Mateo (CF/SS)
    4. James Kaprielian (RHSP)
    3. Blake Rutherford (LF)
    2. Clint Frazier(Corner OF)
    1. Gleyber Torres (SS/3rd/2nd base)

    Torres will grow out of SS.
    Mateo IS our best option for CF
    Will Judge hit well enough?
    Many questions to be answered this year!

  3. All I will say is you have Chance Adams to low. He should be around 5 or so

    1. I can agree with that Hans. The only problem is who to take out? Mateo or Judge?

    2. Agree with Levin. I love Adams, I was beating his drum long before anyone else was in the Yankees blogosphere. What Levin said though, who comes out? Judge can come out I guess but I'm not going to base 20-something games at the Major League level as a reason to remove him from my list.

      You have to remember these lists are based on not only talent and numbers but projections as well. Judge still projects to be a high strikeout guy and a huge power guy, same as he did before he struggled at the MLB level.

  4. Judge. He was a wasted first Rd pick. I read that he didn't make any adjustments this off season on his swing. You have two Carter's on the team. One is a rookie named Judge. The 2nd and third coming of King Kingman.

    1. Well Ken H, I put him down to 9th, one thing about big takes a while to put it all together for hitters and pitchers. I just don't want to give up on him YET! Some compare him to Winfield, I don't. Winfield was a good hitter with power, and a right handed hitter!

    2. Reed he wouldn't even be on my top 10 list

    3. If I had picked him for past showings, he would be about #20+/-. He has talent and power and that is what a prospect is right! Just a body with some talent, he has to show he belongs on the list this year...a little improvement would go a long way.

    4. OMG OMG OMG I think we agreed on something. You still have time to change your mind Reed

    5. Nope! Can't, I like being truthful in my evaluation of a player!
      Judge can be one of the mainstays of this team or a flop...I think it will take until 2018 to see what he really has, or doesn't!

    6. You guys agree? I'm never taking a break again.

    7. You missed a few times Daniel, we fight like cats (Him) and Dogs (Me) but, we are after the same thing...winning, 2nd place is unacceptable! LOL

    8. Don't ever insult me as a cat. I hate them. I'm a dog lover. Just FYI

    9. By the way Burch do you think you can take down these pictures of former Yanks like Eovaldi and Beltran and McCann please?

    10. Thank you Ken H, now I know...LOL

    11. I am definitely planning on doing that this weekend Hans. It's on the "get caught back up you freaking slacker" list. Promise.


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